Joseline Hernandez: ‘Fishes And Fat People Don’t Have Nothing To Do With My Case’ [Video]

Joseline Hernandez can always be counted upon for the way in which the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star butchers the English language, and even during her videotaped deposition, that fact hasn’t changed. As reported by TMZ, Joseline has been on the proverbial stand as the subject of a civil lawsuit brought on by her cast mate, Althea Eaton, who claims that Hernandez attacked her during a reunion show taping. During that same show, other members of the cast accused Joseline of acting wild and erratic, and lobbed charges of cocaine abuse against the so-called “Puerto Rican princess,” as Hernandez refers to herself, among other “bad bish” monikers.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Joseline has already come under fire for previously released videotaped footage of Hernandez calling the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta show fake, which brought the wrath of backlash from costars who claimed Joseline was trying to escape charges of assault by making those assertions, reports EurWeb. These latest released video clips from Hernandez’s testimony provide a funny interpretation of magazine cover photo subjects, and whether or not subjects that appear on the cover of magazines always have given interviews to the publications on which they appear.

The subject came up because Joseline charged Althea with giving an interview to “Hip Hop Weekly,” a publication featured prominently on the show, because it’s run by Raymond Scott, better known as Benzino. In the article, Hernandez wasn’t painted in a flattering light, and was called a “crack whore” in the piece. So Joseline took exception to the phrasing, and claimed she knew for a fact that Althea spoke to the magazine for the article, because Althea’s photo was on the cover.

That’s when Althea’s lawyer jumped in with questions that challenged Joseline’s assertions that “all magazines” always talk to the subjects who are featured on their magazine covers. Althea’s attorney asked Joseline if she’d ever heard of Field & Stream, the magazine for outdoors sports folks, and Hernandez admitted she hadn’t. The lawyer next asked if Joseline knew of the tabloid types of magazines that featured obese people on the covers in unflattering manners, and asked if she thought all those folks gave interviews as well. That’s when Joseline displayed her lack of English language skills, and skipped right over Dr. Seuss’ lesson of “one fish, two fish” logic and said that “fishes” can’t talk so they don’t give interviews.

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for UrbanDaddy]

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