Kendrick Lamar ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Album Leaked Early, Still On Spotify As iTunes Removes Download Links

Kendrick Lamar really knows how to shake up Twitter on a Monday morning. Google Trends reports that Lamar’s name, along with searches related to his new To Pimp a Butterfly album clocked in at more than 100,000 queries on Sunday, March 15. The new Kendrick album arrived early, reports USA TODAY, a publication that commanded everyone stop and pause what they were doing to give it a listen. But that early release on March 15 was actually an accidental leak, one that iTunes deleted, but To Pimp a Butterfly is still available to listen to on Spotify as of this writing.

Twitter is indeed going nuts over the new Lamar offering, his third studio album to date, with the mere search for the named “Kendrick” on Twitter pulling up new tweets by the minute. That’s because the To Pimp a Butterfly album was accidentally released early, as reported by Billboard, and iTunes now reflects a pre-order date for Lamar’s album as expected on March 23. The site does allow users to get a taste of songs like “The Blacker the Berry” from the album, which displays angry and in-your-face lyrics about race.

“Black don’t crack, my n****a”

“I’m the biggest hypocrite in 2015”

“Been feeling this way since I was 16”

“I’m African American…black as the moon”

“My hair is nappy, my d**k is big, my nose is round and wide”

“Recognize that I’m a proud monkey”

“Emancipation of a real n****a”

The Kendrick album seriously starts off banging with songs like “Wesley’s Theory – George Clinton, Thundercat,” which details how Lamar first loved a woman but changed into just wanting sex from the lady. The explicit version is certainly full of face forward rants that talk about everything from Republicans to gator shoes.

“Get it all, you deserve it Kendrick.”

“Look both ways before you cross my mind.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Kendrick’s new album was highly anticipated, with the man who has written songs like “Swimming Pools” — a ditty that talks about waking up and drinking and laying down and drinking and drinking all day — that have enthralled a nation.

“This d**k ain’t free…I need 40 acres and a mule.”

“Matter fact, it’s nine inches.”

It’s lyrics like those, along with ones that emphatically state “I love myself,” as Kendrick proclaimed in his song “I,” that keep Lamar’s name on plenty of music fans’ lips — and performances on SNL, when Lamar sported contact lenses that made the entire surface of both of his eyes look pitch black.

[Image via “To Pimp a Butterly” album cover]

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