World’s Ugliest Woman Documentary: 26-Year-Old Becomes Anti-Bullying Activist

The world’s ugliest woman filmed a documentary which premiered at South by Southwest over the weekend. According to Mail Online, Lizzie Velasquez, 26, allowed cameras into her life as a way for her to show how she made a couple of negatives into one huge positive, and changed her life for the better.

Velasquez was diagnosed with Marfan and lipodystrophy and weighs just 58 pounds. According to The Independent, Lizzie’s condition is so rare that only two other people in the world have been diagnosed with it.

When she was 17, she found something heartbreaking while she was surfing the internet looking for music. There was a YouTube video about her, and she had been dubbed the “world’s ugliest woman.” Obviously this was a devastating blow for the then-teen, but over the past decade, Velasquez has used that negativity to become an anti-bullying activist, and now the people that get to know her simply love her. Moreover, thousands respect her for taking a stand, not only for herself, but for others who have been bullied as well.

The world’s ugliest woman documentary is titled A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story. The heartwarming story will make you cry, but ultimately it will make you see that Velasquez has made her struggle into something that can help thousands of people.

“The 78-minute film charts Lizzie’s inspiring path from cyber-bullying victim to anti-bullying activist. Featuring details of Lizzie’s emotional and physical journey through the years, it follows her progress as she attempts to lobby the US government for the first federal anti-bullying Bill.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lizzie Velasquez is living a life that doctors never thought she would. She was born weighing just over two pounds, and doctors told her parents that she would need to be cared for by them for her whole life. While some things might not come super easy for her, Lizzie is living a life that she loves. She gives talks, reaches out to others, and even has a successful YouTube channel with over 300,000 followers (and that number will likely grow as her story continues to go viral this week and beyond).

The world’s ugliest woman documentary has received wonderful reviews. Are you interested in watching the film? Do you think that Lizzie Velasquez is doing the right thing by putting herself out there in the face of adversity?

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