Ariana Grande Doesn’t Seem To Mind That Big Sean Raps About Her Private Parts

Big Sean recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The rapper was asked about his lyrics on “Stay Down,” on which he says, “I got a million-dollar chick with a billion-dollar p****. Every time I c***, I swear to God I feel rich.” That lyric has been received its share of controversy from fans of both Big Sean and Ariana Grande.

Sean doesn’t have any regrets about making that line. He said, “Yeah, that line is awesome,” with a laugh.

Rolling Stone asked him what Grande thought about the lyric the first time she heard it. The magazine also asked the rapper if he had to run it by her before he put out the song.

“I don’t have to run it by my girl, but she hears. I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything.”

Big added that Ariana is very “supportive” of his work. She didn’t seem to mind that he raps about her private parts and their sex life. Big said that Ariana always gives him positive feedback.

“She’s super supportive. It’s cool, because she was a fan of mine before anything. The first thing she said when she met me was, ‘Yo, I love your music,’ and she rapped my verse from ‘Gang Bang’ with Wiz Khalifa. She was just an actress on TV at the time. She’s very open-minded. I’m proud of her.”

Rolling Stone also asked Big Sean if his relationship with Ariana Grande affects his personal life. Again, the rapper doesn’t appear to have any regrets about his public relationship. Sean says that he doesn’t pay attention to the tabloids or the paparazzi.

“Really, the way it affects my life is being happy, man. You can’t measure success in anything but being happy, and she’s one of the things that really makes me happy. I appreciate her, and that’s it. I don’t really pay attention to anything else.”

“Stay Down” isn’t the only song by Sean in which he refers to Grande’s private parts. Hollywood Life reported back in January that his other song called “Blessings” (featuring Drake and Kanye West) provided even more details.

Big Sean raps: “Man, the click is the tightest, the p****’s the tightest.”

This news confirmed that the two were in a relationship together. Big has no problem rapping about his relationships, past or present. He also rapped about his ex-fiance Naya Rivera on the same song. The lyric goes, “Man this why my old girl was mad at me. This why I’m your majesty.”

Big Sean also received controversy when he slammed Rivera in his “IDFWU” song and music video. This isn’t the only controversy that the rapper has been receiving. He recently raised eyebrows when he said he would rather dress like a Nazi than dress up as a woman, as previously reported on The Inquisitr.

What are your thoughts on Big Sean’s rap about Ariana Grande? Do you think he should keep the details of their sex life to himself?

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