Whitney Bischoff Not Happy With Chris Soules: Jealous Of ‘DWTS’ Partner, Calls Chris ‘Fame Seeker’

Bachelor Chris Soules makes his Dancing With the Stars debut on Monday night amidst rumors that his fiancee, Whitney Bischoff is not happy with his choice to seek fame over marriage and family. Although she is expected to be in the audience at the live DWTS premiere, there are reports that she is jealous Chris’ dance partner, Witney Carson, and she feels that she is being used by Chris to promote his new Hollywood career.

So, are all the photos of Chris and Whitney smiling and enjoying their new-found love fake? Reality Steve stated months ago that the Bachelor couple would “never last” — but fans who see their photos seem convinced that they are truly in love. However, Chris’ Instagram clearly shows more Dancing With the Stars promotional pics than photos with the woman he told People is the “love of his life.”

It wasn’t until fans started commenting obsessively on his Instagram account asking, “Where’s Whitney?” that he finally posted a photo of the couple kissing on a recent date. Is he trying to convince fans that the relationship is going to go the distance so he gets more votes on DWTS?

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Life & Style reports that Whitney knew that as soon as Chris signed the Dancing With the Stars contract, her dream of “having a family with Chris on his Iowa farm was never really going to come true.”

“He’s caught up in the hoopla of Hollywood…Meanwhile, Whitney’s tired of the cameras and the fame and attention. She’s shocked to find out he’s impressed by all the glitz and glam of LA, because she wants nothing to do with it. Whitney feels hurt and misled. It’s over between them.”

Rumors about the couple not making it past Chris’ latest Hollywood endeavor were also reported by the gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry. The site’s source states that Chris and Whitney are “definitely going through the motions” and their love life is more of a “business arrangement” than a love story.

“Chris and Whitney’s relationship has been over for a while… it’s basically a business arrangement at this point. They may be living together in Cali, but they are living completely separate lives.”

Of course, with fame comes gossip, so fans can expect to see plenty of “Chris is leaving Whitney for Witney” stories to come while he competes on Dancing With the Stars.

As for Whitney, she has made it clear that she’s not leaving her nursing job or giving up her home in Chicago just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how this whole Bachelor relationship plays out when Chris’ time on DWTS is over.

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