Meghan Trainor Is Not Only About That Bass, But About Positivity

Meghan Trainor’s New York City show on March 13 was a hit. Trainor, who is a natural showman, knew her fan base and played well to them. The “All About That Bass” crooner not only entertained her preteen fans, but the parents as well. The mothers who took their daughters to the concert most likely thinking they would not enjoy the show, must have been pleasantly surprised to hear Trainor including them. With Trainor’s positive outlook and catchy melodies these moms soon found themselves swaying to the music their daughter’s enjoy so much. The 21-year-old artist made sure to give a shout-out to the mama’s who were in the audience.

“Moms! Shout out to the moms dancing their butts off tonight — you look great!”

The positive message did not stop there either. Trainor, who has burst onto the music scene is by industry standards does not have the typical figure. With her mostly wholesome music and empowering lyrics her “Megatron” fan base grew quickly. Trainor is just the 13th female singer to have a number one song and album, and was able to quickly follow it up with another top 5 hit.

During her performance the singer would often speak to her audience directly and even give compliments to her fans individually. Trainor also made sure to let her fans know how grateful she is of them.

“Thank you for supporting me since day one, which was about a year ago. Thank you for coming to the Grammys with me, thank you for making my album number one on the first try.”

Trainor not only sang her popular hits, but showed her diversity to the audience by showing them her love for reggae. Trainor accompanied herself with a ukulele during her performance of “Credit”, and said to the crowd “You girls are getting me all emotional singing all the words like that,”. Trainor also said to her team latter on,”Did you hear that? I told you that should’ve been a single!”

Trainor closed the show with her breakout hit “All About That Bass” and gave a props to her parents in a touching tribute any parent would get misty over.

“I’m gonna be really adorable right now, so don’t panic: I dedicate this next song to my parents for being in love for so many years. I love you guys, and someday I want to be married just like that. … I love you, Mom and Dad.”

[Image Credit Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]

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