Apple’s iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Which One Completes You?

With the newest update to Samsung’s flagship phone on the horizon, reported by Inquisitr here and here, many tech experts and fans are asking if this is the phone that can reclaim the Galaxy’s lost market share from the iPhone 6.

Whether you’re considering switching platforms from the iPhone to a Galaxy, or just want to boast about the amazing features that the Galaxy ships with, looking through the comparisons is a great view into the next revolution for cell phone technology.

Double tap for camera access

The iPhone 6 still requires you to load and launch the camera app, or access it from the launch screen, the newest Galaxy allows users to get to their camera by just double tapping the screen, according to International Business Times.

It’s not just easy to get to the camera; the camera itself has been improved.

Valuewalk did a great point-by-point comparison of the cameras on the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. Specificially, Samsung focused on improving the camera’s functionality in low lighting, which had been a point that reviewers focused on with the Galaxy S5. Most reviewers are calling the two cameras a toss-up at this point, with the niche feature of 4k video recording a point in the Galaxy’s favor.

Multi-tasking apps

This has actually been a feature on the last few Samsung devices; you can run two apps at once on the home screen. The iPhone 6 does not offer this capability, as Times of India discusses.

Quick charging and wireless charging

Only have a few minutes, but need to get your phone fully charged? According to IBT, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be able to pick up four hours of charge on 10 minutes charge time. Have a wireless pad available? Times of India says that the S6 will be able to use that. Not so for the iPhone 6.

Samsung Pay works with magnetic strips

Although some retailers have switched to card readers that can use NFC payments, which is what Apple Pay uses to turn your iPhone 6 into a mobile wallet, 9 out of 10 have not, according to IBT. Samsung Pay also works with traditional credit card “swiping” machines, meaning your mobile wallet is accepted virtually anywhere.

With the vast majority of users uninterested in the product in which Apple seems to be sinking its hopes, the Apple Watch, it will be interesting to see how this rivalry develops as the Galaxy S6 approaches release.

What’s your dream cell phone these days? The new flagship Galaxy, or the iPhone 6? Tell us in the comments!

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