Megan Hilty talks Smash, working with Spielberg

Megan Hilty recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal after the premier of NBC’s Smash, and the co-star had a lot to say about the goings-on back stage, from her experience working with producer Steven Spielberg to backstage drama.

In the interview, Hilty talks a bit about the show, but the big focus in the interview is on the actress behind the character. Among other things, Hilty explains what it’s like transitioning from theater to TV.

“It’s great because the subject matter is something that’s very close to what I know and what I’ve always grown up knowing and wanting to do, but I’m just kind of adjusting [to] my audience now,” she said. “My audience is a couple of inches away instead of filling a 2,000-seat auditorium. So it’s great. It’s like a little adventure every day.”

For more, including what she has to say about Spielberg, check out Wall Street Journal’s video interview with Megan Hilty below.

Going by all of NBC’s promotion leading up to the premier of Smash, it was easy to get the impression that Katherine McPhee was the star of the show, or at least one of the only singers vying for the role of Marilyn Monroe. If you caught the premier, you know that isn’t the case–Hilty’s character, Ivy Lynn, is just as determined to land the big part.

In another interview with Christian Science Monitor, Hilty gives us a rundown of her character, Lynn, and what could be in store for her in the coming episodes.

“Very quickly you’ll see her relationships, her family life and the emotional roller coaster that is in store for Ivy that explains a lot about her behavior. We actually reshot a scene a couple of times [from the pilot] because we didn’t know what to give away about my mother, but you’ll find out fairly quickly how my family feels about my career choice and all of that.”

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