WWE News: Will Brock Lesnar Be On ‘RAW’ This Week? What About The Date He ‘Owes’ WWE?

With just two weeks left to go until WrestleMania 31, many are wondering what the status of Brock Lesnar is with WWE. He is reportedly going to be at the Monday Night RAW before the big event, but what about this week? After he walked out a couple of weeks ago, it’s said that Lesnar owes one more appearance to the company and he would have to do it this week if he’s going to end up leaving anyway.

Well, Lesnar appearing at next week’s RAW — the go-home show — and then WrestleMania 31 means that he would still owe one more appearance to WWE. With that, many are wondering if he will indeed be at RAW at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, tomorrow.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that as of now, Lesnar is not advertised for RAW on March 16 in Iowa. That could mean another promo from Paul Heyman to promote the PPV main event with Roman Reigns.

Now, this leads many to still believe that Brock Lesnar is angry at WWE about some sort of monetary or executive reasons. Three weeks ago, he walked out of RAW, and WrestleZone reports that Lesnar still owes WWE an appearance date before his contract can officially be fulfilled.

There is also another frame of mind, and there are many people that think the entire situation with Brock Lesnar and WWE is nothing but a gigantic work to get Roman Reigns more over.

With Lesnar seemingly not concerned about making sure he makes up that date with WWE, then it could mean that he’s not leaving or has already signed a new contract. Vince McMahon is not about letting anyone get away while owing him something, and Rey Mysterio is living proof of that.

If Lesnar does leave WWE, then he could very well end up back with UFC, and there are not many that would be upset with that. Former WWE star CM Punk is thrilled at the idea of Lesnar heading back to UFC and thinks that the two of them on one card would break records.

There are not a lot of people that know what Brock Lesnar will do once his contract with WWE runs out, but as of now, it appears certain that he won’t be on RAW this week. Then again, both parties have been known to surprise the fans and actually keep some news hidden from them.

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