‘Akiba’s Trip’ Publisher Set To Release ‘Road To Dragons’ Worldwide

Acquire, the publisher behind games like Akiba’s Trip and Tenchu, is bringing another Japanese mobile chart-topper, Road to Dragons, to the rest of the Android and Apple global app market on March 19, 2015.

Road To Dragons Characters - Image courtesy AquireCalled a “panel-action RPG” by the publisher, players select panels to build a path to battle dragons. As part of the game’s battle tactics, players also get to build a party strong enough fight seemingly endless hordes of vicious dragons. The roster of available heroes is over 1,000. The art style is clearly designed to appeal to Japanese animation fans, but Acquire assures mobile gamers via press release that there is plenty for JRPG fans to get excited about, as well.

“Anime fans will also appreciate the signature art style of Road to Dragons and its host of original characters you can recruit for your party, plus monsters and other creatures that you’ll do battle with. Defeat monsters to gain magic tomes which summon heroes, each with a unique backstory, personalized weapons, special powers, a distinct personality and totally cool attack moves!”

In addition to unlocking a unique backstory for over 1,000 hero characters, playing through quests and story missions are designed to unlock additional rewards, as well. Some dragons are tougher than others to defeat, and linking up with a friend to win those battles is encouraged.

The official English-language game trailer gives a flashy but brief overview of the characters and game without showing off much of the actual gameplay. YouTube user IGV IOS Gameplay Trailers has posted a video featuring about 20 minutes of gameplay, including the introductory tutorial. From what is shown in both videos, Road to Dragons is certainly no Final Fantasy, but the gameplay does appear closer to a traditional RPG than what has been seen in games like Puzzle & Dragons.


According to a press release, Road to Dragons will be made available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It can already be downloaded in some territories on Google Play for Android smartphones. The game is available to download for free, but does include in-app purchases.

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