‘The Walking Dead’: Big Things To Come [Spoilers]

In the latest episode of the Walking Dead, titled “Spend,” we are one step closer to the show coming to its season ending. While Abraham and some of the Alexandria residents are at a construction site gathering materials, there is a sign for a mall that never was that says “Big Things To Come!” and this episode certainly proved that big things came, and are still to come.

Warning: The following includes spoilers for the Walking Dead episode “Spend.”

With only two episodes left in the season, some fans have been left wondering how much more intense it can get following the events at the warehouse where Eugene, Tara, Glenn, Aiden and Nicholas. While Abraham more than proves his worth against a hoard of walkers as he wields a flail and bashes walkers heads in left and right, the team that is scavenging parts to fix Alexandria’s electrical grid run into more than a couple problems.

Aiden is cornered by a walker in army garb and riot gear, and as viewers have seen before, he throws caution to the wind and fires on it, hitting a grenade and it goes off. In the blast, Tara sustains a serious head injury and Aiden finds himself impaled on steel. It is then that viewers learn that Alexandria residents are more concerned about saving themselves than anyone else. Aiden is left behind to be brutally consumed by walkers in one of the more grotesque kills of the season.

The most gruesome death though comes when Nicholas, Glenn and Noah find themselves in a predicament involving lots of walkers, no bullets, and a revolving door. Thanks to Nicholas’ cowardice, Noah is dragged out and pinned against the glass, slowly ripped apart as Glenn is forced to watch, unable to assist the young man. Despite that, Glenn still saves Nicholas, but not without knocking him out first.

So how can this season get anymore exciting?

It seems Father Gabriel has gone to Deanna about the group being the devil in disguise and that they are a danger to the Alexandria residents, while Carol goes to Rick over concerns that Pete is beating Jessie and possibly their son Sam. Her solution, of course, is to murder him. In the previews for next week, there are four graves that have been dug, but so far there are only two deaths from this episode. Unless they plan on symbolically burying Aiden and Noah, there is a good chance that four people may die in the next episode of the Walking Dead.

With the season finale looming, it is surprising that the death count may remain so low, but as many Walking Dead fans know, it is best to expect the unexpected. Perhaps the Scavengers (or “Wolves”) may show up at Alexandria’s door, or maybe the survivors will turn on the residents and begin cutting them down to take the safe zone for themselves. Either way the foreshadowing in this episode was clear: Big Things Are Coming.

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