Snoop Dogg Is Asking You To Unload Your Gun Stock

Snoop Dogg has been quite the busy bee. He has not only just finished presiding over the roast of Justin Bieber, but he is also tackling gun violence. It is hard to imagine Snoop Dogg, who once rapped about sipping gin and juice and glorifying gun violence, joining any anti-gun campaign. “The Doggfather” has done just that, and has joined forces with the “ImUnloading” campaign to urge people to take a closer look at their 401k’s.

The “ImUnloading” campaign is asking people who have 401k’s in gun industry stocks to “unload” them. In the opening clip of the ad, Snoop says, “How I’ve been affected by gun violence through the years is through deaths of friends and family members and associates.”

“I’m unloading for my loved ones that I’ve lost.”

Snoop Dogg actually approached the Unload campaign and is now the face of their PSA spot. Jennifer Fiore, who is the spokesperson for the campaign, told CNN Money, “We’re really glad to have him as a part of this. It’s helping bring awareness to a lot of people who have no idea of the economic power they have to affect this debate on gun violence… This is about the corporate gun lobby, not law-abiding gun owners.”

Snoop Dogg does not make any mention to any specific stocks to unload, but the most common ones are Strum Ruger and Smith and Wesson.

Though it may seem to some that Snoop Dogg is an odd choice for such a campaign. This is the man that rapped about violence with guns, arrested for felony gun charges in 2006, and in the 1990s was tried and eventually acquitted for murder. This is not exactly the person anyone would see as the poster child for a anti-gun campaign. However, Snoop Dogg has evolved, and last year he released a song entitled “No Guns Allowed,” which references the shootings in Columbine and Sandy Hook.

Fiore was clear to state that the group is not anti-gun, and they have no issue with individual gun ownership. The organizers of the campaign have set up a website where people can check if their retirement is vested in gun companies.

Snoop Dogg is not the only entertainer who is urging citizens to unload gun companies from their portfolios. Musicians and athletes are jumping on board which include singer Aloe Blacc. Blacc has came forward to share the reasons on why he is anti-gun.

“I’ve been to the juvenile detention centres, and I’ve met dozens of young kids — babies, really — who have been affected by gun violence.”

Snoop Dogg also is this year’s keynote speaker for the South by Southwest music festival. The festival runs from March 13–22.

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