Ryan Gosling: I Never Said ‘Hey Girl’

Ryan Gosling’s “Hey girl” meme is well-known, and is one of the rare memes with the ability to make a large percentage of the social media population swoon upon reading. However, brace yourselves for bad news, meme-lovers and Gosling-admirers alike — because he says he never said it.

Ryan Gosling just might be the embodiment of romance. Who else could show up at a film festival and have proposals occur spontaneously between couples in the audience? Not many people — but it occurred at the South By Southwest this weekend, during Gosling’s appearance. (Check out the happy couple below!)

While Gosling might have brought the romance for this pair, what he said while he was on stage may have destroyed it for thousands of his fans, when he informed an interviewer that he’s never said the words “hey girl.”

According to the Express Tribune, filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro asked a question, making a reference to the “hey girl” memes that he’s so well known for.

Ryan Gosling never said hey girl.

However, Gosling didn’t respond as might’ve been expected, by, perhaps, acknowledging the popularity of his special catch phrase and giving the audience a line with the words. Instead, the actor denied that he’s ever said, “Hey girl,” hinting that he’s mildly frustrated by the words being so frequently attributed to him.

“I understand if you’re in a movie and you say something like ‘I’ll be back,’ you own that. But I never said it.”

In fact, the meme-tastic actor may have said the words for the first time there in front of the audience, as he denied that he’s ever said them! (Yeah, that’s going to be a meme in itself.)

Gosling was at SXSW to answer questions about Lost River, on which he was writer and director, and which premieres next month. The trailer for it is below.

Have the ‘hey girl’ memes been destroyed, or do you believe Ryan Gosling will go on being attached to those for as long as memes last?

[Photo by: Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Meme Photo by: Ryan Gosling SuperHero]

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