2015 NCAA Tournament Brackets: Where To Play Bracket Contest Challenges Online

When it comes to the 2015 NCAA Tournament, there are a lot of people that are thrilled for the games, buzzer-beaters, dominating forces, and Cinderella teams of March Madness. Others like to fill out their brackets and see if they can go the longest without it busting. There are plenty of places online where you can take part in 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket challenges, and some even have prizes.

There are a number of bracket challenges online that you can take part in, but there aren’t a lot that offer up a true prize. No, one is not Warren Buffet’s tournament from last year where he offered up $1 billion for the perfect bracket.

Quicken Loans is back, but they are going to have something called the “Best Bracket” contest and that is more common. It also promises up a prize of $50,000 to the contestant that puts together the best bracket out of all.

ESPN is bringing back their 2015 NCAA Bracket Challenge, and it’s free to join in. This is the one that usually gets the most players, but they aren’t alone. This year, they are sponsored by Best Buy and Allstate, and they’re offering up a prize package.

There isn’t a guaranteed offer of a prize for the best overall bracket, but a prize package of just under $30,0o0 will go to “a randomly-selected Entrant who is among the top one percent… of eligible point scorers in the Promotion.”

Yahoo‘s Tourney Pick’Em is back again, as well, and there are options to play against anyone and everyone, or a special tourney. You can actually join in on the Celebrity Bracket Challenge and see how you do in different celebrity pools.

This is also not going to be an overall best bracket challenge, but points will be awarded on different levels. Yahoo has it all drawn out and explained in the Tourney Pick’em Scoring Page. The Free Bracket Challenge is back from CBS for the 2015 NCAA Tournament and again, there is no guarantee of a prize for a perfect bracket or even the best bracket.

A grand prize of four 2016 Final Four tickets and $6,000 cash is up for grabs, but again, it’s going to a randomly chosen contestant. As for those in the random drawing, it will be those in the top ten percent of eligible point scorers in the brackets.

There are many other bracket challenges for the 2015 NCAA Tournament, but these are the biggest ones as always. Some prizes are possible, but don’t think that just having the best overall bracket will get them for you. Still, it’s fun to see how far you can go until your bracket is busted.

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