Duggar Drama: The Internet Freaks Out After Photo Of Josie Playing ‘Unattended’ Near Gun Surfaces [Photo]

The Duggar family from the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting can’t seem to catch a break from media scrutiny. Recently, the Duggar family posted photos of a family vacation spent fishing and enjoying the outdoors. However, the Duggar family photos have been called “dangerous” after some viewers pointed out that a gun was left “unattended” near Josie Duggar in one of the photos.

The controversial photo, which was uploaded by the Duggar Family Official Facebook page, shows Josie Duggar walking toward a group of her siblings who are fishing. However, the controversy stems not from the fishing, but the gun that can be seen laying unattended in the foreground near Josie Duggar. Many have commented that it is irresponsible to leave a weapon within reach of a child as young as Josie without supervision. It was noted that everyone in the photo had their backs to Josie as she approached the weapon.

Josie Duggar and Gun
The controversial photo of Josie Duggar near the unattended gun.

One report by Design and Trend says that the gun is an “unattended shotgun.” The publication even asked, “Was this picture of a shotgun casually laying around in front of a 5-year-old just a temporary lapse in judgment?” However, even in the close-up photo of the gun presented on the website, it does not appear that the gun is a real shotgun. Instead, it looks as though the gun is either a toy gun or BB gun.

As some 19 Kids and Counting fans have pointed out, the gun is likely a toy or a BB gun as it can be seen in numerous vacation photos laying on the ground. The Duggars are advocates for gun safety and note that they always lock their weapons in gun safes in their home. Every Duggar who handles a weapon also goes through gun safety training. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a shotgun was left unattended near the Duggar children.

Instead, it is more likely that the gun is a toy or possibly a BB gun such as the one Jackson was holding in another photo from the vacation album.

BB gun
Jackson Duggar holding his BB gun.

Some fans have also pointed out that though none of the Duggars are looking at Josie in the photo, the person taking the photo was obviously able to watch the child. In addition, there are only ten Duggars in the photo, leaving a number of others who could have been walking behind the child monitoring her actions.

What do you think about the Duggar’s controversial “unattended” gun photo? Was the photo blown out of proportion or is it a legitimate safety concern?

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