Pinterest Just Entered A Partnership That May Put Facecbook In Jeopardy

The five-year-old social media site, Pinterest, just entered a partnership with Apple. The union is thought to be a threat to many social media sites, mostly Facebook.

The first noticeable change to Pinterest was the adding of app pins. Originally on Pinterest, users could only pin photos. Now, users can pin links to individual iOS apps on their boards. Such an addition can change the way Pinterest is used in the future, as it now has the potential to become an app discovery site as well as a social media cyclopean.

Pinterest’s new association with Apple shows promise when compared to Apple’s sole success with its app store. The Apple app store has over 1.5 million apps and games to choose, from according to the Australian. The goal of Pinterest in this partnership is to make it simpler to locate apps that adhere to the needs of its users. For those wondering if it’s as simple to use as it seems, a few users have already found the new Pinterest-Apple partnership helpful in app finding.

“Six months ago Pinterest helped us find a new home. We’d been spending ages scouring accommodation and real estate websites; with Pinterest it was a breeze to pin the ones that interested us, and compare them all later in more detail — including inside and outside photos and a required price range. It didn’t take long to pin down a neat townhouse 80m from Avoca Beach on the NSW central coast, and a couple of weeks later we moved in.”

So, what exactly makes Pinterest so user-friendly when connecting to iOS apps? Well, Pinterest offers a new “corkboard” feature which allows you to save app links in your browser. If you shut down your computer and return, the links will be remembered. Also, Pinterest has made it easy to transition back and forth between the site and the Apple app store, as each pin containing an app link has an install button in the corner which will take you directly to the app store.

How does this threaten Facebook? One word: advertisement. Facebook still relies heavily on advertisement in order to stay afloat. Pinterest, however, only recently began using advertising for revenue purposes. The simple fact that Pinterest will now be seeking advertisers for revenue while holding an active partnership with Apple, there is a big chance that advertisers will choose Pinterest over Facebook.

There have been warnings to Facebook shareholders about the emergence of Pinterest as the social media magnet for advertisers.

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