WWE News: Huge Excitement Over NXT Touring, Venues Already Booked For May?

WWE NXT is slowly taking the professional wrestling industry by storm with their latest push towards development. It was already announced several months ago, but the WWE’s plan with NXT is to have them tour like RAW or SmackDown on a regular basis. Now, that doesn’t mean it will be live, but that does guarantee a bigger audience on a weekly regime.

It’s as if WWE NXT is doing all the right things. Two of their best superstars are impressing WWE officials with their merchandise sales. Finn Balor has been with the WWE since November. Kevin Owens debuted at NXT R-Evolution in December. They’ve also never appeared on RAW or SmackDown.

That’s not all for the success WWE NXT is having lately. With the aspirations to take it on the road, NXT will have to book venues, among other vital information needed before lift-off. According to PWInsider, not only is NXT doing well with fans, but also even the WWE officials are very excited for the potential expansion.

“There is said to be a lot of excitement within WWE NXT right now about the brand going on tour with live events. WWE reportedly has holds on potential venues for NXT live events to happen as soon as May but plans aren’t 100 [percent] finalized yet as they aren’t sure when they want to launch the touring.”

NXT is bound to do something that hasn’t been done since the 1980s. That was the time when WWE changed everything by “taking down” the independent territories with their expansion. It was something that Vince McMahon spearheaded and it eventually led to ultimate success. This time around, the WWE has found a gold mine in independent wrestling.

It’s not just about the Ring of Honor superstars that are being signed away by WWE, but the amount of success it’s having with their production, too. Ring of Honor’s wrestling rivals NXT’s, but the production just isn’t there. It looks like a high school gymnasium, but poorly lit. WWE has the money to pour into NXT, which in turn is making them double or triple.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the WWE is hoping to emanate from the old ECW arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The last time WWE was there was in 2006 when they aired a show called, ECW: One Night Stand. Since then, Philadelphia does enough to show they’re still around. Look back to the 2015 Royal Rumble for proof.

WWE NXT is doing amazing things right now, which might lead to independent promotions closing up shop. It’s only a matter of time before they go on the road full-time. Right now, only residents of Full Sail University have the luxury to have NXT in their backyard. Take that crowd and add about 30-40 other crowds of that size or more. WWE NXT has the potential to be bigger than RAW or SmackDown.

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