David Tennant Admits That Rose Was The Doctor’s Girlfriend

Fans of the long running BBC series Doctor Who can finally settle a debate, The Doctor and traveling companion Rose Tyler were a couple, at least as far as David Tennant is concerned. It’s not as if David Tennant’s opinion isn’t valid. After all, in 2013 on the cusp of the 50th anniversary special, Tennant was ranked 2nd on a BBC America poll ranking fans’ favorite versions of The Doctor. Tennant’s second place finish in the fan poll made his turn as the iconic character the highest rated version of The Doctor in the modern revival era.

Tennant is also perhaps the actor who was the biggest fan of Doctor Who before picking up the character’s signature sonic screwdriver. In fact, Tennant has become so associated with the character that on his critically acclaimed BBC drama Gracepoint,props which referenced Doctor Who were used as easter eggs for fans.

Tennant’s assessment of the relationship between The Doctor and Rose Tyler came during Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh. According to Radio Times, Tennant fielded a host of questions about Doctor Who and his involvement at the upcoming Netflix series A.K.A Jessica Jones.

Dedicated fans of Doctor Who understandably went a bit nuts over Tennant’s comment, and the evidence is all over Twitter.

Tennant’s revelation seemed to spark a mass viewing of Billie Piper’s final episode of Doctor Who as a regular cast member, 2006’s “Doomsday.”

Though “Doomsday” marked the official departure of Rose Tyler, Billie Piper reprised her role in several episodes, including the 50th anniversary special “Day of the Doctor.”

Rose Tyler’s relationship with The Doctor had a huge impact on the rest of David Tennant’s tenure on the long running show. The Doctor’s grief over the loss of Rose was a major plot point during the show’s third season, and Rose broke through a parallel dimension to join The Doctor in the Season 4 finale.

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