Creflo Dollar ‘Project G650’ Original Video Of Pastor Begging For $65M Plane Gains YouTube Views [Video]

The video below of Pastor Creflo was obviously intended for partners of his ministry, but now the YouTube video titled “Creflo Dollar – Official Fundraising Video for $65 Million Dollar Private Jet” has gone viral after online outrage surfaced over Dollar asking his World Changers Church International congregants to fund a new G650 plane, which has a price tag of approximately $65 million, reports CNN, a publication that notes the disappearing act of the Creflo fundraising pages in the wake of the backlash.

Any mentions of G650 on WorldChangers have been removed, and although the Project G650 page is gone from Creflo Dollar Ministries, the “Confessions for the Gulfstream G650” Google cache of Confessions for the Gulfstream G650 is still alive and active, replete with prayers for Pastor Dollar to obtain the plane.

According to Google, the original prayers and confessions page from Creflo was located at this URL.

Although the video instructed watchers to “visit and follow the link to Project G650,” that link has been removed, after plenty of negative feedback was received for the funding request from Creflo, as reported by the Inquisitr.
creflo dollar remove plane page

“We’re believing for 200,000 people to give U.S. contributions of $300 or more. Any gift amount is graciously appreciated. Text G650 to 41444 today. We’re still reaching, flying, thousands of miles each year.”

If 200,000 were to give $300 each, that would provide Pastor Creflo with $60 million. As the video opens, Dollar can be seen talking about plane troubles undergone that prompted the request for the $65 million G650.

“Recently I was on my way Australia. About an hour into the trip, the right engine went out.”

Done in dramatic fashion, the video recounts how the old plane has caused life-threatening incidents, with an engine flaming out before landing safely with Creflo in Australia.

“In 1999, Creflo Dollar Ministries purchased an aircraft…but on a recent trip, the 30-year-old aircraft experienced a mechanical failure. The plane is 30 years old. It’s not like a car where you can pull over on the side. I knew it was time to believe God for a new plane.”

Dollar goes on to recount how the old plane once skidded off the runway, and spilled fuel. Creflo is shown preaching in a sermon snippet about how grace brought his girls home to him from that trip, because gas spills are the kinds of things that cause fires. The original fundraising video explains how Dollar’s ministry stretches across appearances, and therefore explained that the new G650 plane would be used to continue to travel across the world, just as the 30-year-old plane had been used.

“Where and how is this [new $65 million] ministry resource used? They’ve flown over four million miles to 40 countries.”

In the wake of the Gulfstream G650 fundraising melee — a luxury jet that Gulfstream calls the biggest, fastest and most luxurious — there’s no further word on if Creflo will continue to solicit funds for the new plane, nor how much money Dollar has received towards the jet.
[Image via Creflo Dollar Ministries video]

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