Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards Responds To Split Rumors, 50 Cent Offers 1D Star A Solo Gig

Zayn Malik still has a fiancee, and rapper 50 Cent might find himself on the One Direction star’s wedding guest list. By the time Zayn finally makes it to the altar, the doe-eyed singer could be a solo artist who is making money for Fiddy by spitting rhymes.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, there was speculation that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik had called it quits after the Little Mix singer was spotted without her engagement ring. Perrie and Zayn didn’t directly respond to the rumors, but, as Sugarscape points out, Perrie did recently drop a big hint about their relationship status. As you can see, her sparkler is very visible in the Instagram photo below.

Perrie Edwards Engagement Ring From Zayn Malik

Edwards tried to play off the photo like it was all about her adorable puppy by giving it a caption that read, “Love coming home to this little creature!” However, it’s pretty obvious that she simply wanted everyone to know that she and Zayn are still an item. This is great news for Zerrie shippers, but there are plenty of One Direction fans who will be disappointed to learn that Malik isn’t single and ready to mingle.

Many Directioners will also be dismayed to learn that a very famous rapper is trying to lure Zayn away from their beloved boy band. According to Heatworld, 50 Cent recently told the Sun that he’s interested in trying to turn Zayn into the next Eminem.

“If Zayn wants a rap career, just because of who he is, he is going to sell records,” Fiddy said. “But if he wants to be credible he has to be with the right people.”

It would probably be tough for Zayn to go solo after being part of a group for so long, and rap music is a far cry from the bubblegum pop tunes that One Direction is known for turning out. However, 50 Cent is willing to do whatever it takes to make Zayn feel comfortable as a hip-hop artist, and he thinks that he can provide the singer with some tremendous opportunities.

“I’d happily sign him up to my label, mentor him and have him working with the biggest rappers on the planet.”

It might seem odd for a rapper to try to sign a solo boy band star to his music label, but 50 Cent pointed out that Justin Timberlake became an extremely successful solo artist after ‘N Sync split up. As One Direction’s fans grow up, they might grow out of love with boy bands. This is why it’s important for each member of 1D to be on the lookout for other opportunities. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Zayn has already worked on one project without One Direction — he’ll be featured on Naughty Boy’s upcoming album.

But would Zayn Malik make a decent rapper? Hip hop songs are fast and furious, and poor Zayn can’t even remember the lyrics to one of One Direction’s slower tunes. According to Unreality TV, Malik tried to prove that he can flow during 1D’s recent concert in Singapore. Unfortunately for the wannabe hip-hop artist, there’s more to rapping than repeating the same word over and over again. You can check out “DJ Malik” in action below.

Do you think Zayn Malik will be married to Perrie Edwards and rapping with 50 Cent by the end of the year?

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