Facebook Adds Real-Time Status Updates, Enhanced Advertiser Pages

Facebook is moving to a Twitteresque, real-time status feed, the company announced at a news conference Wednesday.

The change, expected to be put into place next week, will turn users’ news feeds into streaming updates on their Facebook friends. The homepage will also get somewhat of a makeover, with added options for feed filtering.

Facebook is also preparing to revamp and beef up its advertiser pages, also known as “Facebook pages.” The changes include a more user profile-like appearance for the ad pages. The pages will gain a greater presence in users’ Facebook news feeds, including the ability to send status updates as regular users do.

The old Facebook Pages design

Additionally, the branded profiles will begin featuring tabs, with different kinds of content in different sections (i.e. external applications will fall under a “boxes” tab instead of residing on the primary page). Companies will then be able to configure which tab they want to serve as the main landing page for any given time period.


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