California Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl Alongside Busy Freeway

A 30-year-old woman from Victorville, San Bernardino County, California, gave birth to a baby girl last Friday on the side of a freeway. According to CBS Los Angeles, the woman, who has been identified as Carmen Urias, was hospitalized following the birth. She and her newborn baby are now doing fine. The story of how the birth happened is remarkable.

It was on Friday, March 13 that emergency services first received the news of a woman going into labor inside an SUV parked by the side of the 15 Freeway. According to Fresno Bee, Carmen, her husband and their 3-year-old child were travelling in their SUV to visit relatives when she went into labor. Carmen was not due for another couple of weeks and they had not anticipated that she would go into labor in the midst of a family outing! Initially, Carmen thought of the pain in her abdomen to be pre-labor pain. However, within a few minutes, it became evident to her that the pre-labor pain was indeed labor – and that she was about to give birth while sitting inside an SUV. Carmen told her husband what was going on and he immediately parked the car by the side of the freeway and dialed emergency services.

By the time the responders arrived at the spot, they found Carmen in active labor. Her husband and 3-year-old kid were trying to keep her calm. Later, a statement from the San Bernardino County Fire Department said that they responded to an emergency childbirth around 11:27 p.m.on Friday. A short while after paramedics arrived, Carmen gave birth to a healthy baby girl – but not before giving them all a little fright. The baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around the child’s neck when she was born – essentially choking her. However, she was soon freed and was able to breathe normally. The baby girl weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces at birth. Following the birth of the baby, paramedics faced several other challenges as they made their way towards the hospital with the mother and the newborn baby. These included traffic snarls as well as poor lighting conditions on the road. The weather was not being kind either, thanks to strong winds and extreme cold.

After the mother and baby were hospitalized, Kristian Cavada of the San Bernardino County Fire Department released a statement.

“Our firefighter paramedics delivered a healthy baby girl in the back of the family’s SUV within seven minutes of their arrival. They were transported to Dignity Health Community Hospital of San Bernardino.”

Carmen Urias later told newspersons about the incident.

“You hear about it, but you never think it’s going to happen to you.”

Urias and the new born baby will be discharged today from the hospital. Back in September 2014, the Inquisitr had reported about another incident where a woman went into labor and gave birth to an 11-pound baby on a freeway.

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