‘Walking Dead’ Recap: Two Deaths And Carol Calls For Another [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead spoiler groups released a synopsis of tonight’s episode, and unfortunately for two characters, the spoilers were dead on. And even more surprising, despite the horror stories Carol (Melissa McBride) told Jessie and Pete’s son last week, would you believe that kid came around snooping for more cookies? If you believe that, you may not believe how Carol reacted.

But that was only the tip of what went down on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. Spoilers obviously follow.

First, Walking Dead fans were buzzing last week about Carol threatening to tie a child to a tree and let walkers eat him alive if he told on her for taking guns. Sam had followed her because her really loved her cookies. This week on The Walking Dead, Carol caught him snooping around her house looking for more. When Sam started complaining about how his house had no power and they couldn’t make cookies, Carol told him point blank she didn’t care about his problems as she was shoving him out the door.

When Sam said maybe he could learn to make them himself, Carol finally relented and said she’d make some… if he stole some chocolate from the pantry. As they made cookies together, Carol realized that at least Jessie and possibly her son were being abused by Pete. So she did what anyone else would do in that situation — she told Rick he needed to kill him.

New constable Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) doesn’t have much to police these days except someone vandalizing Jessie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) owl statue. Awkward flirting ensued between the two as he asked who might be angry with her. Then Rick had an even more awkward meeting with her somewhat tipsy husband, Pete (Corey Brill), where he brought up Rick’s loss of his wife. He echoed Jessie’s previous comments about how they have lost things too, even if it doesn’t seem like it to Rick and his group, and how he wants to be friends.

If there were any doubts before tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead about whether Team Rick or Team Alexandria was better equipped to handle the zombie apocalypse, those were crushed tonight. First, when Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) was out with a construction group and a herd of walkers attacked, the Alexandrians were ready to leave their own behind.

Abraham was like a mad dog, murmuring “mother d**k” before cutting down walkers right and left to save his co-worker as the Alexandrians cowered. Then, after that Walking Dead battle, Abraham was ready to go back to construction work. He was promoted to head of construction by recommendation of the Alexandria cowards.

And speaking of cowards, back a couple of episodes ago on The Walking Dead, when fans saw that first supply run with the arrogant Aidan (Daniel Bonjour) and Nicholas, it was obvious there were going to be issues. This supply run tonight was an absolute disaster, with Glenn (Steven Yeun), Noah (Tyler James Williams), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), and Tara (Alanna Masterson) rounding out the team with the pair.

While the group was gathering supplies, Aiden shot a walker in riot gear, unable to kill him. So he kept shooting till he shot a hidden grenade. The ensuing explosion knocked Tara unconscious with a bleeding head wound. Aiden was impaled on steel poles but still alive. Nicholas ran away, but Glenn and Noah tried to save him, until even Aiden told them to go as walkers fell on him and tore him apart.

That’s Walking Dead death number one.

As Noah, Nicholas, and Glenn tried to escape, they became trapped in a revolving glass door with walkers on both sides. Then Eugene came by with the van to distract walkers, freeing up one side. As Glenn tried to figure out how to get everyone out, Nicholas squeezed through the door of his section, exposing Noah and Glenn to the walkers, but Glenn was already halfway out and able to escape. Noah, however, wasn’t as lucky. Glenn had to watch through the glass as Noah was ripped to shreds in the most gruesome human death yet on The Walking Dead, with head and his jaw literally ripped apart.

Nicholas reached the van alone and when Eugene asked where everyone else was, Nicholas said either he left now with him, or he stayed behind and died with his friends. The two struggled before Glenn pounced on Nicholas and knocked him unconscious. The van headed back to Alexandria with Nicholas unconscious and Tara still unconscious and bleeding.

And then, as predicted by Walking Dead spoilers, there was a traitor in Alexandria, and he was from Rick’s group. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) told Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) that Rick’s group was evil and she shouldn’t have let them in. Unfortunately for Father Gabriel, Maggie heard the whole conversation, and you can bet there is going to be a reckoning not only for that, but for Nicholas causing Noah’s death.

With only two episodes left this season on The Walking Dead, you know this is going to get even uglier before the season is done.

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