Duchess Kate Final Appearance: Kate Middleton Attending Events Through End Of March

Duchess Kate is set to make her final appearance before giving birth to her second child. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate Middleton will be attending the annual St. Patrick’s Day service on Tuesday, where she will hand out Shamrocks to the armed forces — which is a tradition. While many thought that this was going to be Kate’s last appearance, the palace has confirmed that she has an engagement on Wednesday as well.

According to the Daily Beast, Kate is scheduled to visit the Brookhill Children’s Center. And while everyone is waiting for the Duchess to slow down, that might not be it for her either. Sources say that Catherine will be making more appearances through the end of the month, signifying that her due date is indeed in April, not in late March as some had previously speculated.

Duchess Kate won’t make her final appearance before baby No. 2 for at least two more weeks, meaning all eyes will be on her — and her baby bump — for a little bit longer.

The Daily Beast also reported that Kate has been quite busy with royal engagements during this pregnancy. While she did take some significant time off from her royal duties during her first trimester due to sickness, she has been spotted out nearly every other day for the past several months. Apparently called “lazy Kate” for quite some time, the Duchess of Cambridge proved that she’s dedicated to the royal family, and has been sure to keep up with her hectic schedule despite nearing the end of her pregnancy.

One of Duchess Kate’s final appearances was on the set of one of her favorite shows, Downton Abbey. Wearing a classic cream-colored coat, Kate Middleton met with the actors and directors, and watched them film a scene from Season 6.

According to Mail Online, the 33-year-old had quite a lovely time.

Actress Lesley Nichol talked about Kate’s visit.

“I think the Duchess really enjoyed herself. We knew before she came that she was a fan of the show and she clearly knew a lot about what we did. She was asking us how our lives have changed since the show and I told her ‘immensely.’ Although, to be honest, I was talking so much she didn’t have much of a chance to get a word in edgeways. I got the impression that she thoroughly enjoyed herself, but I really hope she has just gone home for a cup of tea and put her feet up. It was a long time for her to be walking around on the set with that bump. I would have offered the Duchess a cup of tea myself but I couldn’t have guaranteed what was in it.”

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