Cara Delevingne: Turning Heads On And Off The Runway

Cara Delevingne has got it going on. The 22-year-old is not only one of the world’s highest-paid models due to walking for and signing campaigns with the biggest names is the fashion industry, she’s also earning respect in the world of film.

Delevingne and her trademark brows have been a part of a number of productions over the years including Anna Kenrenina, The Face of an Angel and Tulip Fever. According to the New York Post, upcoming films the fearless beauty can be expected to be seen in include the blockbuster inspired by the comic book genre, Suicide Squad as well as the highly anticipated film Paper Towns, that has recently been advertised by the way of a poster on which Cara can be spotted looking fierce and flawless.

Cara Delevingne in the poster for Paper Towns; via Cosmopolitan
Cara Delevingne in the poster for Paper Towns; via Cosmopolitan

As mentioned, being a supermodel involves being connected with the who’s who of fashion and walking for every big name in the biz. Over the past week Delevingne made the rounds to a myriad of events some of which she simply was in attendance for and others which saw her on the catwalk. As Daily Mail indicates, Cara strutted for Chanel and Valentino, then graced the audience with her presence at the Yves St. Laurent show.

It’s also been a week of wild rumors and creative and quirky social media shenanigans for the Brit. Earlier this week, Delevingne took to Instagram to show her appreciation and excitement after hitting the 10 million followers milestone. Posting a picture of herself as a stripped-down, human fruit salad, the supermodel captioned the snap to suit the quirky content.

Cara Delevingne's 10 million followers post; via Instagram
Cara Delevingne’s 10 million followers post; via Instagram

“It seems like complete insanity that I have 10 million followers so I thought I would cover myself in fruit and write on my stomach in red lipstick which now won’t come off!”

Delevingne, who is known for her fun and silly antics on Instagram, later posted shots of herself enjoying a bath filled with rose petals and more recently, a cute shot of herself and model pal Kai Newman wearing matching animal onesies.

Cara and model pal Kai in matching onesies; via Instagram
Cara and model pal Kai in matching onesies; via Instagram

However, ever the party-goer and socialite, Cara was rumored to have been involved in her dose of drama over the course of the past week as well after reportedly getting into an altercation at a magazine launch party with fellow Brit and veteran supermodel, Naomi Campbell. As it turns out, those rumors are simply fiction and Campbell has since denied the claims of a brawl by way of Twitter.

Although the model brawl rumor should seem outlandish, when it comes to Campbell and Delevingne, two figures who have seen their share of controversy, it’s much easier to imagine the event being reality. One rumor that did surface as truth this week involved Delevingne calling pal Taylor Swift “boring.” Cara got herself into hot water with Swift’s pals and fans for the remark, yet, as Hollywood Life reports, Taylor has reportedly let it go gracefully.

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