‘Batman V Superman’ To Dominate Comic-Con 2015? ‘Justice League’ Teaser Could Premiere At SDCC

The recent suggestion that Marvel might skip 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con has led to speculation that the event could be dominated by DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League instead.

The Washington Post has reported that Warner Bros. and DC are planning to heavily promote their impending movies at SDCC 2015, and that might include the premiering of a cavalcade of footage.

The aforementioned publication reported, “WB and DC could use SDCC ’15 as a showcase for the next stepping stone to their eventual Justice League franchise. With Marvel not being there, this especially could leave DC/WB with the opportunity to become the belle of the superhero ball.”

For the last few years, Marvel has used San Diego’s annual Comic-Con event as a platform to unveil numerous surprises and additions to their expanding cinematic universe. This has previously included the unveiling of all The Avengers together in the same room, while Tom Hiddleston whipped the crowd into a fervour with his appearance as Loki last year.

But James Gunn’s recent admission that Marvel probably won’t be at this year’s Comic-Con has led to an opening that DC and Warner Bros. will almost certainly try to take advantage of.

Gunn was asked over the weekend on Facebook whether he would be at 2015’s SDCC, but he immediately alarmed Marvel fans by declaring, “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.”

And just to hammer home the fact that Marvel probably won’t be at the event, Gunn responded to an accusation on Twitter that he might be lying by writing…

That’s that cleared up then. Because of this opening, IBTimes has decided to not only speculate that a Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice featurette, starring the likes of Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot, might be unveiled by DC at SDCC 2015, but they’ve also teased that a Justice League trailer could premiere too.

This is mere speculation at the moment, but this sort of footage would truly excite their legion of fans and would be the perfect way to take advantage of Marvel’s absence.

At the moment though we’re still waiting for our first official glimpse of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice though.

It’s even possible that DC might be waiting to tie that into Comic-Con 2015 too, as it would be the perfect precursor to the hugely popular event.

But since SDCC 2015 is still four months away, there is even the possibility that we could have a teaser to mark the one year countdown until Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s release on March 26, 2016, before a full trailer is then released at Comic-Con too.

This is all purely conjecture at this point, but Marvel’s no-show is something that DC and Warner Bros. will almost certainly use to prove just how thrilling their own cinematic universe is. And that’s something that he should all be truly excited about.

[Image via Sweet Paul]