Woman In Cockpit: Cathay Pacific Pilot In Trouble For Giving Seat To Pretty Girl

A woman sitting in a cockpit jump seat on a Cathay Pacific flight has landed one pilot in hot water with the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, according to Eur This N That. Ada Ng was on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong last month when the pilot of the plane invited her to sit in the cockpit jump seat after all the other seats on the plane were taken. She did have a ticket for the flight, but it appears the flight was overbooked.

No one would have found out about the special invite, but the woman decided to share photos and video of her lucky spot on her Weibo microblog, and it made quite a splash on the Internet, according to Yahoo Travel.

“My flight was full. Even seats reserved for employees were all taken. Fortunately the pilot was so nice and even let me sit on the seat behind him!”

Now, the Hong Kong Civil Administration Department has a few questions for the pilot about the incident. The pilot involved in the incident has not had his identity revealed.

Cathay Pacific Airlines released their own statement about the photos and the woman’s special seat.

“Cathay Pacific permits approved persons under the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department guidelines to apply for the use of the Jump Seat. Eligible applicants include Cathay Pacific employees and their immediate family members.”

However, it is not known at this time if Ada Ng is related to an employee of the airline. The representative did not speak about the woman’s use of an electronic device during the plane’s landing. She shared video of the plane’s landing from her spot in the cockpit as well.

According to Shanghaiist, this woman’s experience has caused quite the reaction on the Internet. The woman’s post went viral, and it stirred up a lot of debate about airplane security. Since 9/11, regulations have tightened, and it is “near impossible for passengers to access the cockpit post-9/11.”

Cathay Pacific Airlines has made news in 2015, but for a very different reason. According to a previously released Inquisitr report, Cathay Pacific was named one of the safest airlines in the world in a recent study.

“The top 10 safest airlines list names Australia’s Qantas Airlines as the number one carrier to fly on. It’s never had a fatality, and is given an additional rating for being the most experienced airline.”

“AirLineRatings listed the rest of the world’s safest airlines in alphabetical order. They are: Air New Zealand, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways,, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines.”

Nothing happened on this woman’s brief flight, but it still could have endangered the lives of everyone on board the plane if something had happened.

The woman was excited to share her experience, but she did not expect the negative reaction of people on the Internet once her post went viral. She deleted her post once that happened.

What do you think of this woman’s journey in the cockpit on the Cathay Pacific flight? Should she have been there?

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

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