Apple Announces Gold MacBook, Dubbed As ‘Pretentious’ And ‘Absurd’ By The Media

Apple unveiled the gold MacBook, which stole the spotlight away from the Apple Watch, at its live “Spring Forward” event on Monday. As soon as CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new color and its two-pound design, Twitter exploded with excitement. The phrase “New Macbook” was already trending in the U.S., according to Forbes Life.

But not everybody is excited to hear the news about the gold Macbook. Some have been calling the new design “pretentious” and “tacky.” A contributor on New York Magazine’s The Cut said that the gold MacBook only attracts those who want a status symbol. Allison P. Davis shared her thoughts about Apple’s chic new color.

“It brings to mind Paris Hilton–style luxury, or Scrooge McDuck in a swimming pool of money. A gold laptop sounds like it’s intended for the kind of person who considers Dubai a lifestyle, not just a populous city in the UAE. You’d probably pack your gold laptop with you when you board a private plane to Ibiza next summer. Whether or not that’s a good thing or an indication of megadoucheiness has already proven divisive.”

This review sounds different from an editor at the Cut, who saw the gold MacBook and wanted to order it immediately. She admitted that it satisfies her need for tacky things.

“This is the kind of thing I will spend the next three weeks wanting — and talking about wanting — but then, Instagram will become littered with it and, like the Yeezy Boosts or the Cronut before it, I will become embarrassed about ever wanting it.”

Gizmodo’s UK site also wasn’t excited to hear the news about a gold MacBook.

Contributor Ashley Feinberg wrote, “If your shiny gold iPhone or your shiny gold iPad weren’t enough, you can now have an equally absurd, pretty goddamn beautiful gold MacBook to round out your collection.”

Another Gizmodo contributor, Tom Pritchard, wrote in his article, “Why gold? Who knows, I just think it looks tacky.”


Journalists and contributors aren’t the only ones attacking the gold MacBook. Some people have taken to Twitter to talk about the new color. So far, it’s received mixed reviews on the social networking site.

Some users joked if the new MacBook also comes in “blue and black.” Another user said that they couldn’t tell if the new notebook was “white and gold” or “blue and black,” as a reference to the dress debate that’s taken over social media. Meanwhile, other users think that gold MacBook attracts a certain crowd.


The new gold color isn’t all that’s exciting about the MacBook. It’s also a complete redesign of the classic notebook, as previously reported on the Inquisitr. The new MacBook is thinner than the MacBook Air with its 13.1 mm thickness and 12-inch retina display. It also has a Force Touch trackpad, a single USB-C port on the left side, and an “all day” battery life. It also comes with 8GB of RAM, a 1.3GHz processor, 512GB of solid state storage, and an Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU, according to Pritchard’s Gizmodo report.

The new MacBook also comes silver or “space gray,” if gold isn’t your thing. Would you buy a gold MacBook?


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