March 8, 2015
Asia Carrera: Adult Film Icon Arrested On DUI Charge — With Unbelievable Blood-Alcohol Content, Police Say

Asia Carrera, one of the iconic performers in the adult video industry, was arrested earlier this week, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol — a lot of alcohol. According to reports, her blood alcohol content was recorded at a high of.254 in one breathalyzer test. That's more than three times the legal maximum of.08.

In another breathalyzer test taken by St. George, Utah, police, the legendary adult film actress recorded a BAC of.202, somewhat lower but still about two-and-a-half times the legal limit.

And that's not even the most unbelievable allegation in this unfortunate incident, which took place on Thursday, March 5. Police say that the 41-year-old Asia Carrera, whose real name in Jessica Steinhauser, admitted that not only was she driving while extremely drunk — she had her 10-year-old daughter in the car with her.

Carrera was a major adult film star whose career took place mostly during the era before the internet came to dominate the adult video industry. In a period of 10 years between 1993 and 2003, Asia Carrera appeared in, by her own count, more than 250 hardcore adult films and videos, and won several AVN awards, the adult film industry's version of the Oscars.

She also claims to be a member of the "genius society" Mensa. She went to college at New Jersey's Rutgers University, but despite receiving a full academic scholarship, Carrera never graduated, according to the biography on her personal website.

The New Jersey native, by her own account, was also a state spelling bee champion and member of the National Mathematics League, before embarking on a career which saw her featured in such productions as Shameless Desire, Sex and Money, and Hot Bods and Tailpipes #11.

Steinhauser, aka Asia Carrera, retired from the adult video business in 2003, and was profiled in the 2012 documentary film After Porn Ends, which chronicled the often disturbing difficulties and tragedies encountered by adult film stars once their career performing sex acts for the camera ends.

Carrera apparently is still experiencing personal issues, because according to reports, police found her unconscious on a couch in a Washington County School District facility. When the police attempted to test her level of intoxication by instructing her to walk a straight line, she not only flunked the test, she fell down in the attempt, according to a TMZ report.

She also attempted to flee in her car as police were attempting to interview her, the TMZ report said.

Under her real name, Asia Carrera was arrested and charged with driving under the influence with a child under age 16.