Jenelle Evans Deletes Cheating Accusations From Twitter, Nathan Disappears

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans made headlines yesterday when she began accusing her long-time boyfriend Nathan Griffith of cheating on her. Jenelle claimed that Nathan had been talking to a girl named Heather, and she flipped out. Nathan, on the other hand, remained somewhat silent on the issue, simply tweeting that he was done with the relationship and simply writing, “Thank God.”

Many fans of Jenelle Evans were watching her Twitter feed in hopes of getting some details about the recent breakup. However, the couple went completely silent. While Evans started simply tweeting as if nothing had happened, Nathan Griffith simply disappeared from Twitter. His account is no longer active.

According to a new tweets, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has yet to give details about the breakup, but from all accounts, it sounds like they have indeed ended their engagement. This morning, Evans was tweeting about school and sharing music references. But, in true Jenelle style, she was quick to make an ambiguous tweet before going to bed.

“U def have been forgotten about. #ThirstyThursdays,” Jenelle Evans tweeted, hinting that she was completely over Nathan, but later clarified that the tweet had nothing to do with him.

“If u had a heart I thought u would have showed it some,” read another tweet, which was accompanied by lyrical emoticons.

The drama started days before the actual breakup. Jenelle Evans had hinted that Nathan had walked out days prior to their Twitter fight. Evans later claimed that the tweet was in reference to a movie quote, but her followers didn’t believe her.

According to the Inquisitr, the breakup between Evans and Griffith was short-lived. Over a period of about 20 minutes, Evans accused Nathan of cheating on her. He claimed he was done with the relationship, and when Jenelle started making accusations and pointing to who he was following on Twitter, Nathan was silent. He later deleted his account.

It is questionable whether Nathan and Jenelle talked things through. It is possible that he slept somewhere else. As for Evans, she seems to be moving on already. Maybe she wants him to know that she is alright without him. As for now, Kaiser may be at home with his mother. Last night, Jenelle deleted all of the tweets that hinted of the breakup. The Inquisitr captured the tweets prior to them being deleted.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans deleting everything that was said yesterday?

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