Annie Lennox Beats Madonna And Katy Perry In Post-Grammys Sales Bump

Madonna and Katy Perry gave excellent Grammy performances, but it’s Annie Lennox who has received the biggest sales bump. Lennox’s album Nostolgia was completely overlooked when released in late 2014 and flopped everywhere. However, after her amazing Grammy Awards performance, Lennox climbed back to No. 12 on iTunes and No. 8 on Spencer Kornhaber of the Atlantic summarizes what people thought of Annie’s performance of “I Put a Spell on You.”

“I can’t stop thinking about how great Annie Lennox was on Sunday night. As soon as she shows up, she injects intensity and sharpness that ‘Take Me to Church’ otherwise lacks; the chorus takes on the pleading, pained quality that the lyrics have always suggested. She flashes a mischievous look as ‘I Put a Spell on You’ begins, before going on to give full-body performance with the commitment of a method actor gunning for an Oscar: shimmying, pointing, play air harmonica. Playful, fearsome, utterly unique.”

Since Annie Lennox’s Grammy performance, several sites have pit her up against other female singers, especially Madonna. However, as Keo Nozari of the Huffington Post notes, comparing Madonna and Annie Lennox is like comparing apples and pizza — both have their unique talents.

“But, first off, comparing Annie Lennox and Madonna musically is a false equivalence. They are, generally, two different types of artists, popular for different reasons, each with separate skill sets: one is a rock, blue-eyed soul vocalist about big vocal performances, the other is a dance-pop, self-proclaimed ‘show girl’ with a talent for theatrics, messages, dancing and spectacle. Both are entertainment masters in their own right.”

Like Lennox, Madonna had her own sales bump with Rebel Heart after the Grammys. The album climbed back from nowhere to No. 24 on iTunes. This is impressive, as the album won’t be released until March 10. Katy Perry also experienced a bump with Prism and her song “By The Grace of God.” Katy Perry used her Grammy performance to speak out about domestic violence against women. Lady Gaga also experienced a small Grammys bump with Cheek to Cheek, her album of duets with Tony Bennett.

Annie Lennox, however, is the biggest winner at the Grammys. She may have not picked up any particular awards, but pretty much brought her career back from the dead. After Lennox performed “I Put a Spell on You,” she became the most talked about name in music for the next couple of days. Did you watch Annie Lennox perform at the Grammys? Tell us what you thought in the comments section.

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