Leah Messer Salon Being Investigated: Gloss Reportedly ‘Very Much Illegal’

Leah Messer may be filming a sixth season of Teen Mom 2, but she has also been busy working at her own salon in West Virginia. Along with a friend, the reality show star opened Gloss, and while business seems to be booming, Radar Online reveals that the salon is being investigated and is actually being run illegally.

A spokesperson for the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists spoke out and revealed that the investigation will be launched.

“This business is very much illegal. We will be launching an investigation.”

Last week, Leah Messer revealed how excited she is to be “doing what she loves.” However, a lot of fans have questioned whether or not she is qualified to actually work at the salon. It turns out that while the individuals there may have experience in applying makeup and fixing hair, no one is technically licensed to do so just yet, although they are in school for cosmetology.

“As a student, you cannot perform services outside of the school.”

It turns out, though, that isn’t the only thing the board has an issue with. Those at the salon have “on location” services, meaning that they will go to their clients. In fact, the Facebook page for Gloss recently revealed that they will travel to their clients. However, the spokesperson says that “on location” services are illegal in the state of West Virginia.

“They have to have an actual shop. They need a location for clients to go.”

It is unclear what the outcome will be, but things like fines could be issued as well as “other consequences.” However, seeing as how the investigation just started, it could be awhile before it is revealed how this all pans out for Leah Messer and her friends.

Leah Messer isn’t the first Teen Mom 2 star to face trouble in the cosmetology field. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chelsea Houska also found herself in trouble when she allegedly practiced without a license. However, the state of South Dakota eventually released her license. Chelsea has been working in the cosmetology field since and seems to love her job.

On the Facebook page for Gloss, however, the girls answered some questions, and their answers seem to contradict the Radar Online article. Some of the facts the salon listed include the following.

“Leslee and Crystal have their makeup license and have 4 years of experience. Leah is still in the process of cosmetology school and does not receive payment for any hair she does. She enjoys the practice and is extremely talented. Her role until she graduates is owner. It is her future career path. We are actual makeup artist. We are legal and we have a business license.”

The Name Availability site for the state of West Virginia, however, does not pull up any results for “Gloss” or “Be Glossy.” In fact, the original name, “Style Me By Leslee” does not come up either.

Despite the contradiction, Leah Messer has been busy promoting the salon via Twitter, which may have helped spark the investigation. With so many fans questioning the authenticity of the salon, someone may have contacted the board. However, it is unclear how the board became aware of the situation.

This is more drama that Leah Messer doesn’t need right now. She recently had to deal with accusations of cheating and that her marriage was falling apart. While it is clear her marriage is fine, she will now have to deal with the allegations that her salon is illegal.

[Image: via Twitter]