Angela Alexie: Michigan Mother Has Interesting Defense After Newborn Dies In Freezing Garage

Angela Alexie, a Michigan mom charged with murder after leaving her newborn son in a freezing cold garage, has quite an interesting defense. According to the New York Daily News, Alexie’s attorney says that his client — who is 24-years-old — did the best that she could in her given situation. Apparently the homeless woman did not have many resources, so she “cared” for the child in her own way. She had been staying with a friend, but for some reason chose to leave the infant in the unheated garage in the middle of winter. While she returned to feed him every now and again, the conditions were certainly not right for the little one.

“Based on her severe lack of parenting skills, limited intelligence and lack of family support, she did as well as she could in feeding and caring for the child,” said attorney Steven Kaplan.

Angela Alexie gave birth to Henry in Eastpointe, Michigan, just before Christmas. Investigators say that the boy passed away on Christmas Eve. According to Mail Online, the dead body was placed into a recycling bin, and was found at a recycling center on January 14. Alexie claims that someone else disposed of the child’s body, but she is not exactly sure who. Police believe that it was Alexie who put the baby in the bin, however, and that she acted alone. If it can be proven that she is lying, it is possible that she will face additional charges.

“Workers found the child naked and bundled in a black shirt as his body came down the conveyor at the Recommunity Recycling center in Roseville.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alexie was held on $1 million bond. She is facing life in prison for her negligence which ultimately caused her child’s death.

“Employees of the Macomb County Medical Examiner’s office have named the child Henry Alexander Macomb, after the county’s namesake, General Alexander Macomb. The community has pitched in to pay for a proper burial, including a casket and a gravestone,” reports the Inquisitr last month.

It is unknown if baby Henry has been buried yet.

[Photo courtesy of Fox 2 News / Twitter]