Michael And Denise Tabacchi: Couple Found Dead In New Jersey Home, Baby Found Alive Nearby

Michael Tabacchi and his wife, Denise Iran Pars Tabacchi, a newly married couple, were found dead in their Closter, New Jersey, home. According to the Daily Mail both victims suffered fatal stab wounds to the body.

The deaths came to the attention of police after they were discovered by Michael Tabbachi’s parents on Saturday. Tabbachi’s grieving parents had received a strange text from their son late Friday night telling them to get over to the home.

When his parents arrived, they found a bloody scene and two dead bodies. The bodies were that of 27-year-old Michael Tabacchi and 41-year-old Denise Pars Tabacchi, aka Denise Iran Pars. Their 15-month-old baby was found alive near the bodies.

Police were dispatched to the scene on High Street in Closter and made the determination that the deaths were the result of a possible murder-suicide. Law enforcement authorities have not named which spouse delivered the first fatal stab wound, but a knife was found at the scene, according to the Cliffview Pilot.

Neighbors are shocked and horrified by the couple’s tragic deaths, stating that the Tabacchi’s had only lived in the neighborhood for a few months. Background records indicate that Denise Pars married Michael Tabacchi in 2013.

Here is how some community residents are responding on social media.

“So, so very sad. Rest in Peace. I hope the child ends up with someone who will love endlessly.”

“These murder suicides are so terrible and selfish. If you think you have it that bad why not just take yourself out? While they spared the babies life one of them robbed him of both parents.”

“Extremely sad but at least whichever on of them did this spared the innocent child. So many times we hear of this and it includes the children. May they rip.”

“Prayers for the baby.”

“Rest in peace, Denise.”

Those who knew the couple say that Denise Pars loved her baby more than anything, and they are heartbroken that the little one will some day learn what happened to her parents.

Despite the age difference, they often portrayed themselves to be a happy couple, as indicated by many of the Facebook posts and pictures. Many of the photos document and capture rare moments with their precious baby.

Now, family and friends are left to wonder what could have possibly happened to make one of them end things this way. In late November, Denise and Michael had spent a beautiful vacation together with their daughter at the Disney resorts.

Recently, Denise posted the following message to her Facebook profile, according to North Jersey.

“My life is about as far from perfect as it can get,” Denise Pars wrote on her Facebook page in December. “But everyday I leave a job I really like with people I really enjoy, to spend the night with my gorgeous, healthy, baby boy, cat and husband … not a bad life.”

Update: An autopsy report concludes that Denise Pars died of strangulation and fatal stab wounds. Michael Tabacchi died of a self-inflicted single stab wound to the chest.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]