Linda Vu: Kids Watch As Mother Stabbed To Death In Texas Apartment

Linda Vu, a 24-year old mother was stabbed to death as her children watched in horror at the Inwood Meadows Apartments in Houston, Texas. KHOU is reporting today that the loving mother was brutally killed by an unknown assailant who left her to die on her apartment floor.

The dead body was discovered late Tuesday night, after the victim’s roommate found her on the floor. According to the victim’s roommate, Kylon Buffington, he found the deceased woman after he arrived at the apartment located on 9017 Antoine Drive at around 10:45 p.m. That is when he was met by Linda Vu’s children who were frantically crying while trying to describe what happened to their mother.

Buffington removed the children from the crime scene and contacted police. Authorities arrived within minutes, where they found an Asian woman lying unresponsive. The victim had sustained fatal stab wounds to the body. Once police made the identification, Vu was transported to the local county coroner’s office in Harris County.

Neighors say that Linda Vu lived at the location with her children, a roommate, and a boyfriend. The boyfriend and Vu’s vehicle are both missing. All attempts to contact the boyfriend by phone were unsuccessful.

The Houston woman had just recently moved into that apartment with her son and daughter. She had separated from her husband. Neighbors told KHOU that Vu had some domestic troubles at her old apartment, not far from the scene.

Vu’s worked at a manufacturing company, where she was known as a good person and a hard worker. Her boss, John York, who is devastated by the loss, told ABC-13 the following.

“She was a good employee. We’re going to miss her. (She was a) hard worker.”

Harris County law enforcement officials say that there were no signs of forced entry and have not speculated on a motive at this time. It doesn’t appear that any weapons were recovered from the home. Today, Linda Vu’s children are in the custody of their grandfather, according to KHOU.

Concerned citizens stated the following upon learning that the children watched as their mother was murdered.

“My goodness what is this world coming to? You can’t go one day without some crazy story of heartache. How can there be so many crazy minded people who think this is okay?”

“That’s crazy and to make it worse in front of her children.()I pray that the kids are not messed up for life.”

“ extra careful what boyfriends you bring into your lives and children’s lives..sickening.”

The Linda Vu murder case is not the only case facing detectives this week. Just yesterday, another Texas mother was stabbed with a screwdriver as she walked on the treadmill at her local gym. The man responsible for the stabbing, 32-year old Phillip Roberts, is currently in custody. The victim was taken to a hospital, where she is said to be recovering from minor injuries.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]