Papa John’s CEO Did What? John Schnatter Reportedly Dubbed A ‘Pizza Traitor’ For Two Ridiculous Reasons

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s, is reportedly being ridiculed because of pictures that recently surfaced online. Apparently, the notable pizza expert has broken two rules, and now many are calling him a “pizza traitor.” A seemingly innocent dinner engagement has ruffled quite a few feathers for two ridiculous reasons.

According to TMZ, the 53-year-old pizza connoisseur was spotted attending a restaurant at a St. Regis Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah while he was in town for the Sundance Film Festival. It was quite obvious that Schnatter was eating pizza, which isn’t surprising because of the industry he specializes in. But, surprisingly, Schnatter raised eyebrows because the pizza wasn’t a Papa John’s pizza. Then, to make matters worse, he allegedly eats pizza with a fork and knife.

Surprisingly, there are actually people appalled by Schnatter’s actions. Some have taken to Twitter in response to the pictures taken of him at the St. Regis Hotel restaurant. While some users found the irony comical, others were a bit angry. Many have accused him of promoting a pizza brand he probably doesn’t even eat himself. Now, many consumers are wondering if the nationwide pizza chain is just a profitable gimmick he’s selling.

“Lol because his own pizza is garbage.”

“Obviously this incredibly rich business owner isn’t going to eat the slop he serves to the common people. I seriously doubt “Papa John” has tasted Papa John’s pizza any time in the last 20 years.”

“How’s he gonna know if his pizza is the best if he only ever eats his own?? That’s how you make yours the best, by critiquing everyone else’s and making yours better!

Some readers have taken to different social media and news outlets with a different perspective. In Italy, pizza is only eaten with a fork and knife because it is uncommon to slice like it is traditionally done in America. Some readers have actually defended Schnatter and insist there’s nothing wrong with. Needless to say, the entire incident has been blown out of proportion, but it has sparked a seemingly odd debate, reports IJ Review.

“In Italy pizza is *only* eaten with a knife and fork. So *that* is what’s truly authentic!”

“Have to agree, been there many times and no one eats their pizza out of the hand. All pizzas come whole w/o being cut straight from the oven.”

“Wow. This is pure ignorance. It is CUSTOMARY of ITALIANS to eat with a fork and knife. My ITALIAN father and his ITALIAN family eats the same way. It is taboo and seen as an insult in ITALY to eat pizza with your hands.”

Do you think Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is a “pizza traitor”? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Twitter]