Pope Francis: ‘Women Have Much To Tell Us,’ Men Are ‘Machistas’

Pope Francis likely has many new female fans this morning, after telling a large crowd in the Philippines that “women have much to tell us in today’s world” and can ask questions that men can’t because they are too “machistas.”

“Machista” is a term used in some countries in Latin American to refer to “macho men” who regularly think little of women. The comments by the pope came days after he raised some eyebrows when he appeared to be making an argument for exceptions when freedom of speech does not apply or should be limited, following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The pope was speaking of the importance of including women in the decision-making process in the modern world, while visiting the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, a mostly Catholic city. Millions turned out to catch a glimpse at the popular leader of the church on Sunday.

“Women have much to tell us in today’s society. Sometimes we’re too macho, and we don’t leave enough room for women.”

“…(they)see things with different eyes (than men). Women are able to ask questions that men can’t understand.”

Pope Francis’ statements about women — in front of a mostly male audience — come as the more progressive factions of the Catholic Church are asking for the inclusion of females in higher positions within the church. Currently, the more prevalent role for them is that of nuns, with no real significant authority in the decision making process.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pope Francis spoke about a young woman who came to him and asked why does God allow bad things — such as child prostitution — to happen to good people.

“She is the only one who has put a question for which there is no answer,” a moved Pontiff said. “She was not even able to express it in words but rather in tears.”

Pope Francis told the girl he did not have an answer for her.

The Holy Father said that the next time a pope visits University Santo Tomas, “there should be more women, girls among the numbers.”

Pope Francis has flatly denied the possibility that women can become priests within the Catholic Church — similarly to what the Anglican Church has done — saying, “the church has spoken and says no… That door is closed.”

During an interview in June, Pope Francis joked about the Catholic doctrine that states women were “taken from a rib,” in reference to the Book of Genesis, which says that Eve — the first woman in history — was created from Adam’s rib.

Francis also referred to women as “the most beautiful thing God has made,” adding, “theology cannot be done without this feminine touch.” The Pope stopped short of saying women should become priests, but acknowledged the need to make their role larger.

“The issue of women needs to be gone into in more depth, otherwise you can’t understand the church itself.”

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