Miley Cyrus Has Regrets, But Not The Ones You Would Think

Miley Cyrus has been vying for the Princess of Controversy crown in recent years, and most would agree she’s done so with no apologies. In fact, during a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the former Disney star Cyrus seemed to revel in the controversy unfolding around her. The swirl of scandals began when Cyrus performed a song glorifying partying and drug use at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. For the performance, Cyrus wore a bizarre fur leotard with a teddy bear face across her torso. Cyrus capped off her performance by twerking against Robin Thicke during a duet of his hit song, “Blurred Lines.”

Scandals seem to follow Miley Cyrus, though she doesn’t always initiate them herself. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, sources close to Cyrus and her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger claim the pair having interesting ways of spicing up their sex life. Apparently Cyrus and Schwarzenegger keep things hot by making sex tapes of themselves. The kink doesn’t stop there. The source also claims Cyrus has a fondness for candy such as lollipops, though they did not elaborate on just how Cyrus likes to use them.

Just don’t expect Miley Cyrus to be the next Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. In an effort to keep themselves from becoming part of another hacking scandal like “The Fappening“, the pair immediately delete the footage after viewing it. Unfortunately, that might not save them from leaked photographs and sex tapes. Remember, several of the actresses and models said the photographs that were stolen from them had been deleted.

While Cyrus has many fans, Schwarzenegger’s mother, Maria Shriver, is not among them. Cyrus was reportedly banned from the annual Kennedy family Christmas dinner.

With all the scandal that follows Miley Cyrus, it’s easy to assume that she has no regrets, but it turns out she does. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Cyrus describes some of her regrets, specifically the fashions she wore during her tenure as a Disney star on the show Hanna Montana. At the height of her Disney Channel fame, Cyrus attended many events, and it was a movie premiere where she committed the fashion faux pas she claims to most regret.

“I had some shady wardrobe choices when I was about 16 to 18. I wore this hippie outfit to Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never premiere that I’m like, ‘Girl, who told you it was Woodstock, it was a premiere.'”

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