WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan And WWE Diva Nikki Bella Hurt At Weekend Live Event?

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is back in full-time action, but that also means he has to work live events. However, this seemed to bit WWE a bit recently as a recent fan report sent in claims that Bryan may be hurt. He is not the only one, as WWE Diva Nikki Bella could also be hurt following her match this weekend as well.

A fan sent in a report from a weekend live event in Abilene, Texas, to PWMania.

The fan claimed as follows.

“I was at the WWE live event Saturday night in Abilene and it appeared as though Nikki Bella hurt her quad or hamstring in her match against Natalya.”

“Natalya never worked on her leg for her to be storyline hurt but when she went for the rack attack its like she couldn’t get her up and they ended up having to scratch that ending and Nattie lost via an x-factor instead. After the match Nikki was visibly having a problem putting a lot of weight on her left leg.”

“Daniel Bryan looked good in his match against Kane as well. In news about him after the match was over he seemed to have been having some trouble with his arm on the side he had his neck issue. When he went for one of the ‘Yes’ chants after his win he only used the other arm and kept his previously injured arm close to his body. Not sure if it was like a temporary loss of feeling or what, because Kane really didn’t work on that arm so I also believe it to have been possibly giving him issues.”


Another fan sent in a report to WrestlingInc, which seemed to resemble the report from PWMania, as this fan stated as follows.

“Daniel Bryan defeated Kane. It was awesome. I don’t know if it was pushing his injury, but Bryan seemed to be favoring his right arm quite a bit.”

Meanwhile, the story on Nikki changes a bit.

“Natalya vs Nikki Bella was a good match. During Nikkis first Rack Attack finisher, Nikkis arm seemed to give out and she had to drop Natalya. Nikki paused in the corner for a while with Brie whispering to her. Then Nikki finally hit the Rack Attack again quickly after for the win.”

While Nikki may have been selling an injury or so, her arm may have been the problem and her leg may have simply be an issue that the other fan didn’t see. Seating can be an issue at times. Nikki has had leg issues in the past, so hopefully an old injury isn’t creeping up. An arm issue would not be any better for her either. She has greatly improved, so it would be a blow to lose her right now. Both reports are the same when it comes to Daniel Bryan. Sure, Bryan could have been selling his past injury. However, he wouldn’t be if his opponent didn’t work on the arm.

Keep in mind, Bryan had an issue around his UCL in his right arm. This is what he had to rehab for months. If he is hurt yet again, that would be another huge blow to him and WWE. He was cleared to return, but he stated that he wouldn’t know if he could come back until he tried. Hopefully, he does not continue to have issues with his arm, otherwise he will need surgery. The average recovery time for a UCL surgery is 9 months. Obviously, WWE does not want to lose him for that long, especially with the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31 coming up.

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