Nicki Minaj MTV Documentary ‘My Time Again’ — Watch Clips Online [Video]

MTV is busy getting Nicki Minaj fans interested in her documentary, My Time Again, which airs on Sunday, January 18 at 10 p.m. ET, by publishing new video clips online of Nicki Minaj like this one and the one above, which shows Nicki dealing with her fans, signing autographs, and encouraging kids to stay in school.

Minaj greets a huge crowd of fans in My Time Again prior to getting into a big SUV and telling her fans she has to leave. Minaj explains that people view her as a real, around-the-way kind of girl – the image of a person who has made it out of the hood, therefore Nicki says she gives hopes to others that they, too, can make it out of the hood.

Searching for “My Time Again” in Google unveils more of the clips MTV is releasing about the documentary, and uncovers articles on the MTV website that recall some of the best Nicki Minaj moments on their station.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Minaj and her ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, have been in the news quite a bit lately, due to their tumultuous breakup and the varying points of view each displays about the union. Samuels had an interview with The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1, telling the crew that while he was initially “everything” to Nicki, and that he called the shots in the relationship. Eventually he claimed that things soured, and said Minaj began treating him like an employee.

There’s no word on how much Minaj’s relationship with Safaree or anyone else will be addressed in the My Time Again documentary. However, Vibe has revealed nine things they learned from already watching the movie about The Pinkprint creator Minaj and the viewpoint Nicki has about her newest album.

“I didn’t know when I set out to make this album that it would entail an emotional rollercoaster in my own real life. I’m willing to fit the people I love into my world by any means necessary. I’m no longer putting my career over who I love because it’s not worth it. You need that for your soul just to be able to enjoy life.”

With Nicki Minaj generally drawing plenty of attention wherever she shows up – such as during a recent SNL appearance where Minaj starred as Beyoncé in a skit that portrayed Kanye West as baby Jesus – the My Time Again MTV documentary should pull plenty of views online and off.

[Image of Nicki Minaj via MTV My Time Again clip]

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