Bradley Cooper Caught Stealing Sex Toy From Tesco, States He Was Too Embarrassed To Pay For It

Tesco Employees in Staffordshire were surprised to find that the man caught stealing a Durex vibrating sex toy was Bradley Cooper. Cooper grabbed the sex you from the shelf, despite having enough money to cover the £4.50 cost, and decided to steal it instead of facing one of the female cashiers.

Movie star Bradley Cooper is laughing at the attention he is receiving from the thievery, because he isn’t the Bradley Cooper who stole the sex toy. Instead, it was a 19-year-old man who shares the same name.

According to the Mirror, Bradley Cooper entered the local Tesco location and browsed the selection of sex toys that they had in stock. He found the Durex Little Devil, with a selling price of only £4.50. He had enough money for the sex toy and was ready to check out, when he noticed that all the cashiers were female.

He began to rethink the purchase, but headed over to pick out a few more items as well. It has not been stated whether he hoped a male cashier would take over one of the cash registers, but while he contemplated the purchase, he also grabbed a bottle of Lucozade and a cake. Supposedly, all three items were for his girlfriend.

After picking up the additional items, Cooper realized that the cashiers were all still female. He wasn’t sure what to do, but was too embarrassed to purchase the sex toy in front of a woman. Bradley Cooper then decided to walk out of the store, hoping he would not be noticed. According to Metro, store security observed Cooper steal the vibrating sex toy and followed him out of the store. When he noticed that he was being followed by store security, Cooper ran across the parking lot, where he was eventually apprehended.

According to the Cannock magistrate’s court, Bradley Cooper had enough to pay for the items, especially the vibrating sex toy. Due to his overwhelming embarrassment, the £4.50 sex toy ended up costing him £85 in court costs and £15 in a victim surcharge. The further embarrassment that he is receiving from the worldwide coverage cannot be measured in monetary form. Although Bradley Cooper the movie actor may be getting a chuckle out of the episode, Bradley Cooper the 19-year-old sex toy thief will most likely never steal again.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]

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