Lady Gaga Earns Cheers For RedOne Reunion, Fab Abs And Toned Tush Selfies – Her Regime Revealed [Video]

Whether Lady Gaga was born this way or made herself this way through hours of dedication combined with uber-talent, the superstar singer is attracting even more attention right now. That’s because the latest news from Gaga Land has revealed her reunion with RedOne, reported Billboard.

When Gaga previously teamed up with RedOne, the results included “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and “Just Dance.” And as shown below, the dance sequences caused fans to exclaim with delight.

And while she’s busy prepping her latest musical extravaganza, Gaga also generated excitement when she posted the following photo of herself with abs to envy and a tush that’s toned, reported E! News.

She shared her secrets along with the photo to encourage her fans to try the benefits of yoga for themselves.

Starting my day off feeling strong, gotta sweat out the whiskey from last nights jam session. And can u spot my abandoned weave? Bang front 6 oclock!!! Thank u@triciadonegan.

Tricia specializes in Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga. Lady Gaga revealed via Instagram that she also stays sleek with Pilates, posting all the details of why she’s so dynamic.

“ACDC and Pilates equals I will knock you out b*tch. TNT, I’m dynamite.”

With regard to that comment about sweating out the whiskey, Gaga previously confessed that she needed a few sips because she was anxious about recording with music legend Tony Bennett.

“I was keeping a whiskey under my stool because I was very nervous to be around him. And then, gradually, we became greater and greater friends. And I think because of that, our singing became more and more honest and more and more authentic.”

For those who wondered about the results of what seemed like an odd combination, magic happened when Tony’s and Gaga’s duets album debuted in the top spot on the Billboard 200. Watch the two below to see what you think.

Gaga also is quick to express her gratitude via Instagram.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to see that smile back on my face. But there it is. And it’s real. Cuz I’ve got a supportive team, crazy friends, a loving family. That’s where it all starts.”

As for romance, the Inquisitr recently reported Lady Gaga rocked the red carpet with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. She praised him for his creativity and calm.

“I can’t really imagine being with anyone other than who I’m with right now. He’s extremely creative. When it comes to his work, he can be quite introverted. He likes to just study and study and sit with his thoughts. We really connect in that way. We don’t do the same thing.”

But despite rumors that the two would wed, that much-discussed media wedding hasn’t yet happened.

In addition to Pilates and yoga, Lady Gaga has worked out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who also trains Jessica Simpson as the Inquisitr revealed. He recommends a low-carb diet that’s high in protein and non-starchy vegetables.

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