Pictures of Duchess Kate When She’s Not Dolled Up Emerge

The world has grown fond of the princess-like appearance of Duchess Kate ever since she wed Prince William and became an official member of the Royal Family. As a fashion barometer, followers of Kate Middleton laud her style and glamorous looks. However, Daily Mail posted pictures of a “transformation” the Duchess of Cambridge has undergone as of late, which shows the royal fashionista a bit less glam than usual.

Kate has not been snapped in public since the Christmas holidays, but was seen out and about for the first time days ago when she made an appearance at Barlby School in West London. It was part of her royal duties, and judging by her beaming smile, she was happy to oblige.

Pregnant Duchess Kate donned a stunning blue Madderson London shift dress, which contained brilliant embellishments of tweed pockets with matching hems (shown here). Arguably, this morphing of style is out of her lane, but could signal a more adventurous Duchess of Cambridge for 2015. In short, she was absolutely glamorous and classic Kate. That was Thursday.

Days earlier on Monday, the royal diva was off duty, and according to DM, she looked a bit less than radiant. Pictures show Kate with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, which showed off her greying roots and a minimalist face. It’s an about-face from the dolled up Kate that dons the covers of fashion and pop culture magazines. However, there’s a reason for the, say, retracted look. According to insiders, due to her pregnancy, the duchess has opted to pare back the use of dyes, tanning products and hairsprays that could pose a danger to her growing baby.

Celeb Dirty Laundry referred to Duchess Kate’s appearance as “dowdy,” saying that she has not been up to par as of late, in terms of her personal appearance. CDL didn’t necessarily skewer Middleton’s laid-back look, but pointed out that she is showing signs of stress from her second pregnancy along with the rigors of her royal duties.

“Kate not only feels rundown, she is looking the part as well. Her normally fabulous hair looks drab and her roots are grown out since she’s wisely opted not to dye her hair while pregnant. Her skin isn’t glowing as it normally does, and she looks unhappy. Lately, she no longer looks like the Kate Middleton we’ve come to know. Kate has begun to notice the difference in her appearance, and she’s concerned Prince William has as well. So, Kate did what every woman does when they feel dowdy and unattractive—she went shopping!”

No matter what she does, Kate is scrutinized, and much of the stress comes from factions in the public that want her to live up to the late Princess Diana’s standards of beauty and elegance. From the start, Kate and William made it clear that they wanted to lessen the rigid standards of the royals.

When they wed, the couple went on record by saying they want to mingle with the commoners. Although they still conform to rules of the British monarchy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to be accessible, and well, common. Oftentimes, that means putting the rouge and blush aside for a more relaxed look.

Arguably, even when Duchess Kate is not all made up for a public appearance, and is seen carrying her own bags from a shopping spree, she still looks marvelous.

[Image via: Glamour]

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