Japan Releases Designs For First Underwater City: You Will Be In Awe In What They Have Planned [Gallery]

Over the last five years, there has been a major shift in homes resulting in today’s trend to downsize to save on both resources and expenditures. The results of the trend have been reported by the Inquisitr within the past year. Though downsized living was established in 1999 with tiny houses, it would be around 2007 when it would experience a spike in sales due to the housing market bubble bursting. However, the burst bubble didn’t just effect sales on houses, but also rent prices. As a result, those who couldn’t afford a mortgage, including one for a tiny house, sought alternative living conditions such as canal boats.

The above examples are optimal living conditions for those with decreased income and higher expenses. Yet some organizations believe to counter the problem is to explore other forms of living establishments. Japan may be at the forefront for such an view as one of their businesses proposes building a new giant city. The unique thing about it is its location: underwater.

According to an article by CNN, it reports that Japanese construction firm, Shimizu Corporation, is proposing a concept on creating something known as the Ocean Spiral, an underwater metropolis that generates energy from the seabed and is capable of providing dwellings and accommodation for 5,000 people. The $26 billion project will receive a lot of assistance with expert advice from the Tokyo University, Japanese government ministries, and energy firms. Shimizu Corporation also made it clear that projects like the Ocean Spiral are necessary as global problems, like rising sea levels and the energy crisis, become more prominent.

ABC News also reported on the Ocean Spiral in which designers gave a direct statement verifying the prospect of maximizing the potential the ocean has to offer.

“Breaking free from past patterns of land development, which have focused mainly on efficiency, this plan is intended to promote true sustainability while maximizing use of the deep sea’s resources.”

The Ocean Spiral is tethered to the ocean floor by ballasts while the city would be protected by a sea wall from larger waves. The city is designed to be entirely sustainable, with fisheries providing food for its inhabitants, desalinization filters offering unlimited fresh water, power made from thermal energy conversion and the reuse of carbon dioxide emissions by microorganisms that live on the sea floor. Summarized, the Shimizu Corporation just built an a behemoth underwater aquaponics system.

If you want to see more pictures of the Ocean Spiral proposal, check out the gallery below for your viewing. If you want to learn more about the Ocean Spiral, check out its page at the Shimizu Corporation’s official website.

The question on people’s minds is when is this project is expected to be done, and how can one become a resident? Since the project is still in proposal form, there are no plans to build. Until approval is granted, there will be no Ocean Spiral. Nevertheless, the concept is still awe-inspiring.

[Images via Shimizu Corporation]

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