Steve Harvey Cries During Birthday Show, Shares Incredible Love With Family, Fans [Videos]

Steve Harvey had a very memorable 58th birthday, and he shared some of those incredible moments with his family and with his fans before his big day. According to E! News, the talk show host was joined by his wife and his kids for one of the most incredible hours of television in his life. Not only did Steve get some unexpected surprises, but he also shared some very personal feelings about his life, and his family, that nearly brought everyone to tears.

For starters, Steve was surprised by the mayor of Cleveland who told him that January 17 (his birthday) will now be “Steve Harvey Day.” The mayor also unveiled a street sign (on the street he grew up on) that was changed to “Steve Harvey Way,” in honor of the birthday boy.

A little later on in the show, Steve Harvey sat down with Alan Fox, “an author and philanthropist committed to educating children.” Fox donated $200,000 to the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The generous donation surprised Harvey, and brought him to tears once more. Harvey was recognized for his commitment to kids, and their education.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Harvey also got a surprise visit from Bruce Ayers, the man responsible for giving Steve his big break: His first headlining gig back in 1989. Steve said that Bruce was “the first guy that believed in [him].”

In the final segment of the show, Steve was joined by his children — and this is where the emotions really kicked into high gear. The kids each took turns talking about a memory that they cherished. After they were finished, Steve spoke to them, and his words touched every single person who was watching.

“This is my best TV moment. I’m not the person I used to be. It’s not about me anymore… I ain’t working for me. I’m working for them. I’ve got four full-time jobs for them. It’s so that when… when I’m done, I want you all to just have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself. I want you to care more about someone else than yourself. I will defend your honor until I die. I love all of you. This is what it is for me. This is the greatest moment I’ve ever had. I’m very proud to be your father.”

Steve Harvey has a talk show as well as his hosting gig on Family Feud (check out this unbelievable Feud moment as previously reported by the Inquisitr). He has had great success in television and film, and is a very popular stand-up comic, even though he no longer performs.

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