Adrienne Maloof Loses 25-Year-Old Boyfriend To Kyle Richards’ Niece?

Adrienne Maloof has split from her much younger boyfriend, and cheating allegations have already surfaced. According to Radar Online, there are rumors flying around that Maloof’s boy toy, Jacob Busch, 25, had been spending quite a bit of time with Kyle Richards’ niece, Paris Hilton. Evidently, there has been some speculation that Jacob hasn’t been faithful to Adrienne for quite some time, and sources say that The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star finally had enough.

“[There] were major trust issues between Adrienne and Jacob… Adrienne just didn’t believe Jacob’s constant denials about what his relationship with Paris really was,” shared a source.

Adrienne Maloof was trashed by the media for months as she rebounded with a much younger guy following her somewhat surprising split from husband Paul Nassif. Many people thought that their relationship was totally superficial, and couldn’t understand why a 25-year-old would date a 53-year-old… and as much as Adrienne tried to prove that things were great with her new guy, there was speculation that he wasn’t being completely honest.

“Adrienne’s boyfriend, Jacob, has been seen going over to Paris’ house, which is very close to hers. He never goes with Adrienne, and it’s obvious he isn’t going over there to borrow some sugar, or milk! Jacob and Paris have definitely been hanging out. Word has gotten back to Adrienne about the visits, and needless to say, she isn’t happy about it,” a source said.

According to TMZ, Adrienne and Jacob — heir of Anheuser-Busch — started dating in 2013. While the site made no mention of a potential Paris Hilton interference, TMZ suggests that the relationship just “ran its course,” which is what most people expected. No one really thought that Adrienne would end up getting remarried… and it looks like she just wanted to have some fun, and re-boost her confidence after a bitter divorce.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adrienne Maloof might be on the prowl for another “boy toy.” However, the reality star doesn’t look at age as being important.

“I really don’t think about the number. If you take that number out of the equation, you’re still going to have the same relationship. Many women do it, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Madonna. If you got a great relationship, you got a great relationship.”

Are you surprised that Adrienne and Jacob broke up? Do you think she will date a younger guy in the future?

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