Russell Brand Slams Fox News Over Hate Speech [Video]

Originally reported on Salon, Russell Brand, a man known for saying exactly what is on his mind, provided a much-needed perspective via his show, The Trews. Brand eloquently criticized Fox News for spewing hate speech and advocating violence in response to the attacks in Paris.

Russell Brand’s The Trews posted his commentary online this week. Brand was disturbed by comments made by Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and baffled when she advocated for violence in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

In the video, Brand discusses a potential link between Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney and the energy companies they are invested in. The energy companies, such as Genie Energy, are posed to obtain profit made by the “war on terrorism.” A key component to driving this profit is the “dehumanization of Muslim and Muslim countries,” according to Brand.

Brand attempts to dissect Fox News commentator Jeanie Pirro’s comments. Brand asked the question of “who defines terrorism?” and provides examples of racial discrimination and military actions as suggestive of being terrorist in nature. He calls into question the motivation of Pirro’s comments, and suggests that it is linked to a higher operative that promotes the marginalization of the Muslim people.

Brand calls out Pirro on her hateful rant and discusses the “consequences” of her hateful dialogue. He provides an example of an increase of anti-muslim acts in Paris, and suggests that the focus be shifted away from religious ideology to what is important — anti-violence.

Brand links the hateful speech and dehumanization of Muslims to the promotion of the economic ideologies of the United States, specifically the personal economic gain by Rupert Murdoch. Brand discusses the consequence of broadcasted hateful rhetoric–violence, and that by participating in hate-mongering, the terrorists are provided justification for their violent actions.

Most importantly, Brand discusses that the solution is “compassionate love,” and makes a much-needed call for peace and tolerance. He advises “non-participation” in hateful actions and to focus on love and acceptance.

Watch the video below.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was one of numerous terrorists attacks that took place last week. Read about the massacre in Boko Haram by clicking here.

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