Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Using Ecstasy, Brad Pitt Romance, BFF Beyonce, And Jennifer Lawrence [Video]

Gwyneth Paltrow used to be known as the queen of perfection, from her impeccable hair and makeup to her sleek physique. But lately, the actress has been taking off the filter when it comes to her behind-the-scenes life, and now she’s confessing that she previously took illegal drugs, reported Us Weekly.

Andy Cohen’s known for persuading visitors to his Watch What Happens Live show to share juicy details about their secrets. And he did just that during his segment called “Plead the Fifth,” during which Paltrow didn’t plead for silence throughout his questions.

When Gwyneth has been asked about drug usage in the past, she joked about it.

“I did so many drugs in the ’90s. I don’t remember. I have no idea,” Paltrow previously responded.

But when Cohen questioned her, Gwyneth became specific about which drug she used.

“Ecstasy,” said Paltrow promptly.

Andy also sought details about Gwyneth’s close friendship with Beyonce and Jay Z. Paltrow was equally candid about her relationship.

“The greatest perk of being their friend is that I have a relationship with people who have similar [backgrounds]. Obviously, I’m not as famous or successful as they are, but I do have a life in the public eye, and I have people to walk through life with in that capacity.”

And it’s not just the adults in the Carter family with whom Gwyneth is close. Paltrow admitted that she adores little Blue Ivy.

“It also means I get to be around their daughter, who I love so freaking much!” exclaimed Gwyneth.

Why does she love the little girl? Paltrow named all the reasons that the tiny 3-year-old is so amazing.

“She is a powerhouse. She is the boss of everything. She can do all the choreography to ‘Chandelier,’ even though she’s just 3 years old. She’s just super smart, and I love her so much.”

Watch what’s involved in “Chandelier” below.

And it wasn’t just Andy Cohen who succeeded in getting Paltrow to confess recently, reported the Huffington Post. Gwyneth also talked about her romance with Brad Pitt, and why the two ended it.

After dating for three years when they first romanced each other on the set of Seven, they split because Paltrow felt she wasn’t ready for marriage. The two had been engaged.

“I definitely fell in love with him. He was so gorgeous and sweet and, I mean, he was Brad Pitt, you know? I was such a kid. I mean I was 22 when we met and it’s taken me until 40 to get my head out of my ass. You can’t make a decision when you’re 22 years old.”

Fast-forwarding to her “uncoupling” with Chris Martin, and his alleged relationship/romance with actress Jennifer Lawrence, Paltrow is careful to clarify her respect for Martin’s decisions.

“I respect him as the father of my children and it’s his life and it’s his decision,” said Gwyneth firmly. “And I do think he loves the kids so much and I don’t think he’d be with someone who wasn’t great.”

Although she took drugs in the past, Gwyneth is known for her healthy lifestyle today, as the Inquisitr reported. She advocates detox diets, and is devoted to her fitness regime.

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