Incest Claim: 18-Year-Old ‘Slept’ With Father For 2 Years, Writer Blasts ‘GSA’ Concept

Incest is often a taboo topic that is rarely discussed in America, given the label attached to this type of relationship. However, the practice, while frowned upon, exists more often than statistics show.

One such case involves an 18-year-old girl, who claims she’s been involved in a sexual relationship over two years with her estranged father. And despite the backlash and legal implications attached to “Genetic Sexual Attraction” (GSA), the girl, who dates her dad, says they’re engaged to be married, citing a New York Magazine post.

Keith Pullman runs a blog that advocates marriage equality. It’s a forum where consenting adults feel comfortable expressing their love for another despite the sex of their partners or relationship to them. The site, as Pullman explains, focuses on unconditional love, and incest based on GSA is included.

Some people involved in these relationships, where they are physically and emotionally attached to a blood relative, prefer to remain anonymous, primarily over fears of being ostracized or jailed. The teenager who admitted to being in a father-daughter sexual relationship would only reveal that she is from the Great Lakes region.

Incest came much later, but she details her life from an early age that was characterized by turmoil. At the age of 2, her biological parents fought often and eventually divorced. Because her mom battled a number of personal issues, including a bipolar disorder and depression, the girl was raised largely by her grandparents and lacked a father figure.

As she got older, she recalls her mom’s refusal to allow her father near their home. She remarried, but her stepfather was violent towards her mom. As a consequence, the pattern of domestic abuse was stressful for the growing girl. She longed for her father, who she recalls as being very nice and caring, as any father should be. However, her mother convinced her that her dad didn’t want anything to do with her.

The girl recalls confusion during her preteen and teen years, and she admits to being hurt by a boy and experimenting with a same-sex relationship. Then, out of nowhere, she and her dad began communicating on Facebook after he sent her a friend request. She learned later her father was emailing her over the years and sending friend requests, but since her mom was “controlling” and had passwords to her accounts, she never knew.

The girl said her father was living with his girlfriend a short distance away when they reunited. Her visits began as sleepovers, where she slept on the couch. However, days later, their relationship became incestuous, as she realized she had a strong attraction to her father. To her, it was not just unbridled sex; sleeping with her biological dad just felt right to her.

“It was so weird and confusing. I was seeing my dad for the first time in forever but it was also like, ‘He’s so good-looking! And then I was like, What the hell are you thinking? What is wrong with you? I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, I’m meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.'”

She was still a virgin, and the incest felt a bit awkward at first. But the girl was convinced that if she was going to give her body away to another man, it would be her father.

“We stopped and said that we didn’t know what was going on but admitted that we had strong feelings for each other. We discussed whether it was wrong and then we kissed. And then we made out, and then we made love for the first time. That was when I lost my virginity.

“There’s a reason I lost my virginity to him — because I’d never felt comfortable with any other man. It was insanely sensual. It lasted for about an hour and there was a lot of foreplay. We both had orgasms. We are so similar, so it’s so easy to sexually please each other. For example, we both love neck-biting. I’ve never been in a more passionate, loving, fulfilling situation.”

The pair had crossed into taboo territory, but to her, making love to her father wasn’t merely primal behavior or hormones working in overdrive. Instead, it was consensual sex between two adults.

In fact, they are so convinced that their sexual encounter was so right, they decided to move out of the home her father shared with his girlfriend — who was approving of their incestuous affair — and set out on their own. Now, they plan to move to New Jersey where incest among consenting adults is legal. What’s more, her father’s relatives approve of the union. However, her mother has yet to find out.

A writer with the Daily Beast shared her thoughts about the so-called reference to incest, saying that it is a colloquial term that is not rooted in science.

“By printing this interview, of course, New York Magazine is by no means endorsing the nature of this relationship. But by uncritically adopting the language of adult incest supporters in publishing it, New York Magazine has perpetuated misleading information about adult incest that could confuse our understanding of abusive situations. Genetic Sexual Attraction is not a scientific concept. Supporters of incest are not part of the marriage equality movement. And, once again, there is no such thing as consensual incest.”

As for as kids are concerned, the couple plans to have babies together, despite the reported risks of genetic mutations from inbreeding.

[Image via: The Daily Beast]

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