Steam hits a milestone: 5 Million simultaneous users

I am a big fan of the Steam game buying, and playing, platform and have been a user for some time so it was nice to see this news coming out from the company that it had set a new record.

It seems that over the holiday’s Steam recorded the momentous number of 5 million concurrent users logged into the system at one time. Of course part of this surge could be attributed to their big holiday sale which apparently has left some users less than happy.

Now with over 35 million active users this marker was bound to happen sooner or later but with the added benefit of two top games: Skyrim and Call of Duty:MV3, being launched just before the holidays this record was almost guaranteed to happen sooner rather than later.

With Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, and Darksiders II pegged to launch in 2012 bets are that they will see this record beaten at some point but for now congratulations to the Steam team for reaching this goal and doing it with some equally great low number of hours of server downtime.

via PikiGeek

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